H&M Girls’ Wadded Jacket — reviews


Warmed jacket HM for a girl. I will show and tell you everything!)

Experience:A week or more

Good day, everyone!)

It’s time to prepare or begin to prepare the baby for the cold)

When I was thinking — to order this jacket or not — nowhere to find reviews on this model. And in my wonderful city of this store is not available, unfortunately. Therefore, perhaps someone will be helped by my review to decide which one to choose.

H&M Girls' Wadded Jacket - reviews
H&M Girls’ Wadded Jacket — reviews

I will say right away that when I received the jacket, I decided to order the pants there as well — at HM.

But this review will go only about the jacket) But the next will be sure to devote trousers Wink.
So, kurtochka. Name of the site and product number — directly in the title of this review)


Lining: 100% Polyester
100% Polyester
Insulation: 100% Polyester

The product description that the seller states on the HM website:

Warmed jacket made of waterproof, breathable and water-resistant functional material. Detachable, padded hood. Stand-up collar and zipper with chin guard at the front. Zippered side pockets. Adjustable Velcro fastener and inner fleece knit band at the bottom of the sleeves. Reflective details. Lengthened back. Lined. Jacket surface treated with water-repellent impregnation without harmful fluorocarbons.

So, let’s start the inspection)

The inside of the jacket looks like this.

H&M Girls' Wadded Jacket - reviews
H&M Girls’ Wadded Jacket — reviews

The sleeves, again — as is customary, have no fleece lining.
But the fleece lining has a hood — which is much more relevant)
Also, on the inside there is a loop — a hanger, a label with the name of the brand and size indication and a plate in which you can write the name of the owner.
On the sleeves, as stated in the description, adjustable Velcro fastener and fleece cuffs on the sleeves — which is a big «+» — thanks to them the sleeves will not blow into the wind. And with velcro — you can adjust the width of the sleeve and adjust it to fit a baby. Very convenient!

Lengthened back.

H&M Girls' Wadded Jacket - reviews

Reflective details, namely, on the runners of all zippers (out of three: main and zippers on two pockets) — in the form of sticks,

H&M Girls' Wadded Jacket - reviews
H&M Girls’ Wadded Jacket

Girls, I was very pleased with the jacket!) Everything is thought out in detail!)
Now about the temperature regime. In general, I ordered this jacket — as a winter jacket. Having received it, and plan to wear it — in winter)

Jacket to thickness — not thick, of course. Rather, on the contrary. But, in my opinion, very warm! Firstly, it is windproof and waterproof — after holding it in my hands, I do not doubt it).

Secondly, despite the fact that it is, so to speak, «not thick» (I mean such, you know, stuffed jackets…compared to them — it seems «definitely not winter»), but still, it comes «insulated. Still, time goes on and technology does not stand still. So, now is more likely that these «not thick» jackets will be warmer than the «thick» jackets and overalls — «as before» Smile

I think my kid in it will not freeze in winter. Well, the fleece lining also plays a role)

Plus, the baby will have a warm winter pants, boots and appropriate underwear. I mean thermal underwear (or any cotton underwear) and fleece set (sweater, pants) or overalls. So, this jacket, I think a great option for the winter!)

Now we have the weather from +10 to +15 — we wear overalls lassi (which is a warm demise season, with mesh inside), with different underwear — depending on the weather. And my daughter, sometimes, comes home sweating when it’s freezing outside, and the underwear is not particularly that worn. So, and on a little lower weather we will be comfortable in our overalls. But the jacket (complete with pants) is perfect for us for the weather from +5 and below — I think.

By the way, I ordered a size 98 (2-3 years). We are now 1.7, our height is somewhere 86 (+, — a couple of cm), we are big. Looks like an elongated parka (somewhere around the knee). Took so specifically — first of all, until winter is still a couple of months, then — the winter, and a cold spring — which also may be.

Well, and planning that for two winters we will suffice)).

The next winter just sitting — «just right», «just» and fit.

And now the bottom is closed — which is very good).

Whew… I think that’s all

I will be very happy if my review is helpful to anyone Wink

Happy to share and expect a review about the pants) Which we also plan to wear in the winter, along with this jacket Wink


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