Aliexpress silicone electric facial cleansing brush – reviews

Aliexpress silicone electric facial cleansing brush - reviews
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Review: Aliexpress silicone electric brush for facial cleansing – Fun and very effective!

  • Cleanses my skin wonderfully, gives a nice massage, inexpensive.
  • Appearance, availability, price, the effect of use!
  • Color, vibrations.
  • You need to be careful not to damage the water resistanc.
  • For the cream is not good, will be overconsumption.

Hello, dear users and readers of the site!
Today I want to tell you about my recent purchase. In the fall I saw one of the subscribers saw an electric silicone brush like the famous Foreo, I found out that she bought it on Aliexpress and quite happy with it, and I wanted to indulge, especially in November Black Friday was in full swing across the country and the famous Chinese shopping site was not lagging behind. I bought this device for pennies, about four dollars. I took two pieces at once, for myself and my daughter. I waited for a month and a half for my parcel, and when I waited, it was lazy to test, and would lie my brush for a very long time, if my daughter did not tell me what she does wonders. Well, maybe not miracles, but she was very happy with the skin on her face, and that rarely happens. Well, I had to get my Chinese brush out too.

I, as if for washing with cleansing gels or various foams quite satisfied with a silicone brush from Multidom, but with electric cooler somehow. Yes, and massage effect is present, and after a vacation in a cool boarding house and visiting a beautician it is hard somehow to do without facial massage. So, I started dabbling with my brush and was also impressed, so much so that now I don’t go a day without it.
It came to me not even in a wrinkled box, as it usually happens.

It looks like this. The cleansing surface of the brush is different on both sides, one side is finer, I use it specifically for cleaning, the other side is thinner, yes, harder, there is more massage effect. But in general, this silicone brush is ultra soft and gentle. It is a pleasure to use it.

Aliexpress silicone electric facial cleansing brush - reviews

It runs on one AAA battery (pinky). The battery sent the Chinese sent their own, I’ve been using this thing for three weeks, and the battery is still working.

This brush is designed to remove dirt and skin grease, which lead to various inflammations. It does a great job of removing makeup residue from pores and exfoliating dead skin cells. After using it for just two minutes, the skin becomes incredibly soft, then your face wants to constantly stroke) Brush does not traumatize the skin, thanks to its tenderness of silicone.

It is easy to use. Moisturize your skin, lightly moisten the brush with water, apply any cleanser you use, turn on the brush and start massaging your face with light circular movements for about two minutes. Then you rinse your face, rinse the brush and apply your basic night care. The skin not only becomes smooth and velvety to the touch, but also fresh looking. Therefore, I am very satisfied with my purchase. What is pleasing, even the odor of silicone is not any unpleasant. I very rarely order anything on Ali, but once again I am convinced that I am lucky).
I will recommend such a silicone brush for facial cleansing.
Good luck, health, beauty and thank you for paying attention to my review. Until new meetings on the network!

Review: Aliexpress silicone electric brush for facial cleansing – Is it worth it to buy the sensational FOREO or native Ali will help you save money?

I recently learned about one thing that it turns out the world learned about long before me! But I am at the mammoth stage in cosmetics and care products, so I am always the last to know everything. And this thing is a brush for cleansing the face by Foreo. I found out about it, of course, from the review. I saw a strange thing on the photo and became very interested in what kind of alien device it is? I read the review – full of delight. Found more reviews – all squeak with happiness. Well, if everyone squeaks – and I need to! I searched for a brush and then my inspiration and desire to have such a miracle were struck by the price of this miracle.

It so happened that the desire to try there is, and a lot of money on what is essentially all the same bullshit to throw away do not want. Well, and here, as always helped native Aliexpress, which in such cases helps always. You never know what the quality will be, but this time I think both quality and price were good! 

Aliexpress silicone electric facial cleansing brush - reviews

I chose a particular Chinese brand. What – I can not tell you, because I can not read hieroglyphics. My brush is similar to the popular LUNA mini 2 from Foreo, but does not copy it, but has its own personality. Namely not oval bristles, but in a wave. Perhaps a little different and the thickness of the bristles, well, and the charging hole I have a different location. Otherwise, the same eggs, but in profile.

I waited for my brush for about a month, I was not very lucky with the packaging, or rather on the contrary lucky – despite the fact that the box turned into mincemeat, the brush itself came fully working and without damage. That’s the kind of package it has.

As I have already written, the device is absolutely Chinese, but I liked the quality. There was no sharp odor when opening the package (although in general the smell was there, but erased in two hours after opening, and now the brush smells exclusively of my gel for washing). The quality of the silicone is nice too. Velvety, soft to the touch, well, and the color I am very happy! I was afraid that will come piggy pink brush, and it is so gentle, cute, pretty….

Unlike the original, the brush is charged through this charger, and since the brush is declared as waterproof, the place of charging is closed with a silicone plug. And here it is very important to close it well – then the brush will really be waterproof. Why am I writing this? Because it closes differently for me. Sometimes it’s not tight and it’s important not to miss this moment. But if it’s in correctly, water will not seep in. And yes, I used the brush in the shower – flight normal.

And this is how the charger looks like. It is convenient to place it next to the computer while you work at it. You do not need to charge the device very often. I used the brush for a month and there was not even a hint of discharge, but I still charged it, and here again a month has passed, and about charging I do not remember.

Relative to my hand, the brush looks like this. It’s not big and it’s not small. I’ve seen bigger brushes, but I don’t really know how to use them. They look huge to me! Although, perhaps it’s a matter of habit.

The brush is slightly convex. It’s bigger on the back side. Again, I like the fit in my hand. Especially once you get used to it.

So, what’s the effect of this look-at-me bullshit? What’s so special about it? We lived without it and it was fine. And we’d go on living without it. BUT! 

Aliexpress silicone electric facial cleansing brush - reviews

As I realized, the effect of the brush depends on these bristles and vibration. Yes, the brush vibrates and this vibration is activated by the middle button, and increases or decreases with the “+” and “-” buttons. The original Foreo claims its brushes are ultrasonic, though they are not. They claim 8 kHz, but the ultrasound comes from 16, which is twice as much. (Well, how will come to think of calculating such a girl who just gave 12 grand for a brush!) It is designed for this. My brush, on the other hand, is a little less powerful at only 6kHz, so it’s almost as far away from ultrasonic as the Foreo, and if neither is ultrasonic, why pay more for that kind of vibration? 

Still, even my measly 6 kHz provides a very nice facial massage while you wash your face with your favorite face wash. Yes, it’s simple. You wash your face, squeeze your favorite product onto the bristles, and rub it over the areas. You can read Foreo reviews and rub according to their instructions. I don’t bother and just go from zone to zone from time to time. Afterward, we wash our face and we’re done!

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