Maxi Cosi Tobi Infant Car Seat — reviews

Maxi Cosi Tobi Infant Car Seat - reviews

Safe seat for sleeping and staying awake on the road. Lots of pictures of Passengers aged 10 months to 3 years and VIDEO of taking the seat cover off.

I am writing a review after almost 1.5 years of using this seat. Now it is hard to remember why the choice fell on this brand and model, but I remember that a good friend urged me to pay attention to the chair Maxi-Cosi Pearl.

The choice and purchase of the chair fell at the end of January 2014. My daughter sat down when she was 7 months old and she was already refusing to ride half sitting in the car seat. We declined the idea of buying a second-hand car seat, as the question of security of our long-awaited and adored child is still at stake, but we wanted to save some money, so we went to Poland (we live in the Kaliningrad region). Having studied an assortment of the Polish stores beforehand we went to «Mama and I». We found there a whole shelf with three tiers of car seats.

I will not say that we were going specifically for Maxi-Cosi, both of us were choosing a seat for the first time and only knew the brands that have already been tested by time and have got good reviews, such as Recaro, Maxi-Cosi and Romer. Then we chose the seat on the spot, according to external factors, the seller’s advice and price.

Maxi Cosi Tobi Infant Car Seat - reviews
Maxi Cosi Tobi Infant Car Seat

I liked its «fluffiness», the feeling of integrity, no backlashes and strange noises during the test drive in the store, and during operation.

Weight of the seat 8.9 kg, I do not think it’s heavy, in all the time I’ve never had to drag him myself, only fasten the straps when there is a need to move it from one car to another. I believe that the car seat should not be light, the weight to me, as a criterion for safety. Lightweight seat even on the turns can roll to the sides (if it is not isofix).

Maxi Cosi Tobi Infant Car Seat
Maxi Cosi Tobi Infant Car Seat

A huge plus in this seat is that the straps themselves hold their own shape, as if it sits invisible. Very convenient, you do not have to look under the baby sitting in the chair fasteners. They are always on the sides, at shoulder level. The long strap tail that is in the photo between the legs tightens the straps when the baby is already buckled up. Everything works smoothly, without jerking.

The plaques and locking elements inside are metal, this is also a plus. The lock is fastened and unfastened with force, the child can’t undo it by himself. The straps are with soft pads that won’t slip off, always fastened at the top base.

The headrest is easily adjustable (can be raised/lowered). The seat changes position to «lying» with one hand. I manage to do this sitting behind the wheel, right hand, but the heavier the daughter, the harder it becomes, but still possible. Of course this is not a horizontal position, but the safest possible angle at which the child’s head does not fall forward.

The upholstery fabric is very nice, not dense to the touch, like cotton, but 100% sure it has synthetic thread added to it, which reduces the wearability of the fabric. It is easy to remove dirt with a damp cloth and after washing it does not lose its shape and does not shed, the color is just as bright.

Of course this has a slight minus, in very hot weather the back of the child and the back of his head sweat, you could buy a summer cover, but I squeezed 1500-2000 thousand and in hot weather I put a cotton diaper under my daughter, and even then it was relevant to 2 years, now there is no such problem. Firstly, very hot we have very rarely, and secondly, rarely when we go long distances, and even in the heat.

Installation of the seat does not take much time and effort. The diagram of the sequence of fixing it with straps is on the sticker on the side. At the top (you can see it on the photo) stick out the levers, which tighten the seat belt after you have tightened it and snapped. Only after pulling with these levers the seat «settles» in place and sits almost as «flush».

The platform is high, opening up the child’s view of what’s going on outside the window.

Maxi Cosi Tobi Infant Car Seat - reviews
Maxi Cosi Tobi Infant Car Seat — reviews

The daughter in the photo without a couple of days is 10 months old. Weight 9.700 kg, height 76 cm. We helped her to get into it, but she liked to sit in it at once, even strapped.

When she was 13 months old, we took the three of us to Gdańsk by car, just 500 km on the highway plus the trips in the city itself, the baby took the seat without screams and tears.

The seat, on the advice of the consultant, we bought a native cup holder. It cost about 700 rubles. At first we thought that the naughtiness, but in operation, this thing, «and without it you can live», has proven to be extremely convenient and necessary. Bottle with water and cookies are always at the child’s fingertips and no one needs to be distracted from the road in order to serve it or even look for it on the back seat or the floor of the car.

In the car, the seat occupies a full passenger seat. In the BMW3 (station wagon), in the Golf 6 and in the Volkswagen T5 and Mercedes Sprinter vans in each of these cars, the seat was easy to install and the child always had enough space for the outstretched legs in the «supine» position of the seat.

All in all we are very satisfied with the seat, we couldn’t find a better one at the moment.


Nothing to complain about. Safety and comfort ensured and the sleep is very comfortable. The seat is great!

We got the seat, we are happy to have it.

The child is 1.5 in the group 0 + to ride impossible, although they write up to 13 kg, but mine with his 11 refuses to categorically from the baby seats.

My son has been buying it for a long time, he was comparing it mainly between romer and other models of maxi kozi. All in all I am happy with everything.


  • Fastens with the regular belt as if it were a flush fit, see any video tutorial
  • Availability of an adjustable headrest
  • The child is tightly secured by the straps, there is a tension indicator
  • The straps are height-adjustable and very long
  • Suitable for winter overalls

The cover is excellent quality removable and washable, I do not recognize the complaints about the removal of the cover, two minutes for your child can be spent on this, there is a video on this subject

The half-lying position is comfortable.

Safety at a high level.

I recommend it!!!

8.9Expert Score
Maxi Cosi Tobi Infant Car Seat

Nothing to complain about. Safety and comfort ensured. Sleeping is comfortable, the seat is great.

  • High sitting position — the baby can see everything
  • There is a half lying position
  • Easy to seat a baby
  • Easy to remove the upholstery
  • Convenient
  • Convenient belt clip
  • Good quality padding
  • Pretty expensive

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