Aliexpress Manicure and Pedicure Machine – Reviews

Aliexpress Manicure and Pedicure Machine - reviews
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Review: Aliexpress Manicure and Pedicure Machine – Great manicure machine! Manicure and pedicure at home – no longer a problem!

  • Reverse, compact, lightweight, reasonable price.
  • Inexpensive, convenient.
  • Low price, fast delivery, great machine.
  • Availability of pedal, reverse, nice touch handle, beautiful, inexpensive.
  • The kit comes with bad cutters
  • Power 15 watts.

Hi everyone, today we will talk about a manicure machine.
It all started with the fact that I am fond of gel lacquers, and the constant removal of material liquid (although professional), very badly affects the nail, plus after removal bafim soft grinder! All these mechanical effects harm the nail plate. The question arises – how to be? Want well-groomed hands, and if you are still on maternity leave (as I am), the usual varnish does not hold! Decided to buy a manicure machine. We sell expensive, so began to look for on AliExpress. I chose this model. I will explain why.

  1. There is reverse
  2. Suitable for manicure and pedicure
  3. Price ( I bought for 10 $)
  4. Compact
  5. Lightweight

And of the minuses is bad cutters that came with it.

Aliexpress Manicure and Pedicure Machine - Reviews

It is very convenient to use this machine. Manicure device came to me for 10 days. Cutters I dokupala from us, and for spilivanie gel lacquer ordered a ceramic cutter “corn”.

Very happy with this purchase, now the hands are always well-groomed and do not need to cut the cuticle with tongs. And I noticed that after apparatus manicure cuticle began to grow less. Advice, girls!!!

Review: Aliexpress manicure and pedicure machine – Manicure salon at home

Manicure machine firm Subay, bought a year ago. Everything works, no failures, I use constantly, manicure do both myself and clients. 

The handle of the device does not vibrate strongly, which gives comfortable use. Power is enough, of course lies that is written on the site, but powerful enough apparatus.

Also the machine comes with a pedal, it is convenient if you work at one speed. In principle, during the work is very even and not bad helps. do not need to constantly let go of the client’s hand that would turn the lever.

Aliexpress Manicure and Pedicure Machine - Reviews

The only thing I’ve changed since I bought it is the cutters. Maybe I was unlucky, but after a few uses they became useless.

To me, the machine is professional and is suitable for personal use as well as for work.

The device fulfills its requirements, despite the fact that it is from Ali. 

There are several colors on the site, I took pink – as the cheapest 😀

Review: Aliexpress manicure and pedicure apparatus – Excellent apparatus, low price.

Manicure power drill, manicure machine, manicure machine. This device has many names, but here the main thing is not how to call it correctly, but what is the WOW effect from it. Fresh manicure, nail in full order and all this without leaving home, is it possible? Of course yes if you have this miracle machine. Easy to handle, no pain. 

For such a low price (3.7$) I did not expect something great, but this thing has exceeded all my expectations. 

Aliexpress Manicure and Pedicure Machine - Reviews

As for delivery, it is very fast. The parcel was tracked to the place of delivery. Cutters without defects, all smooth. In general, I advise for the transformation of this product.

Review: Aliexpress manicure and pedicure machine – Good machine

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new manicure machine (also called milling machine) from Aliexpress. 

Chose the following criteria: 

  1. Delivery from Russia to wait for a parcel long did not have to.
  2. The number of revolutions not less than 30 000.
  3. Low price (the device cost me 220$).
  4. The presence of a pedal.

Apparatik my apparatus came quickly, for 10 days. I checked it in business, no complaints. The device works quietly. The handle is made of a pleasant to the touch plastic, when working does not vibrate, and the presence of a pedal greatly simplifies the process of hardware manicure.

Aliexpress Manicure and Pedicure Machine - Reviews

When working does not get warm.

Included with the device is a set of cutters (cutters are not very good quality, it is better to buy separately).

From the disadvantages: the power is a little small, pedicure it is hard to do.

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