Aliexpress BM 800 condenser microphone

Aliexpress BM 800 condenser microphone

Review: Aliexpress BM 800 condenser microphone – Good microphone for little money

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Good microphone for not a lot of money

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  • Inexpensive
  • Good quality and equipment
  • Appearance
  • Better sound than the headset
  • Easy to use
  • Additional power supply is desirable

I bought a condenser microphone BM 800 on Aliexpress. A lot has been written and talked about it on YouTube. I took it just in case due to its low price. It cost $8. It came in a cardboard box.

AliExpress BM 800 Microphone - Package

The instruction is in Chinese and English, but it is not necessary, because, as I have already written, there is plenty of information about it.

Aliexpress BM 800 condenser microphone

The package includes the condenser microphone itself. In my case of gold color, and so there is white, blue. Wind shield or pop filter. Needed on the street, so that gusts of wind do not create interference.
Cord 3.5 jack and suspension or “spider”, as it is called to dampen vibrations.
The cord is about 3 meters, which is very happy, but the suspension is plastic, but I would like a metal.

AliExpress BM 800 Microphone - Bundling

For such money the set is quite decent.
By all means, it still needs a 48V phantom power supply for the microphone or a mixing console, but many people make do with a remote sound card, which costs around 100 rubles on the same Aliexpress. That’s what I did.
Who has a need for a condenser microphone, BM 800 is quite a decent option. At least at the initial stage to determine how much you need a condenser microphone. Good studio microphones are much more expensive. You can spend a decent amount, play around, and then what to do with it.
And so, everyone decides for himself.

Review: Aliexpress BM 800 condenser microphone – This BM-800 is not a bad microphone for its money! I recommend it!

This review I want to dedicate to one very necessary thing for bloggers and not only, it is a microphone.
On the agenda is a microphone BM-800 (or rather its copy ZEEPIN). Despite the fact that this model of microphone is not the original, the copy is also very good and I want to note that the price is quite affordable.

So. I ordered this miracle from our friends Jackichans from the well-known online store AliExpress. The microphone is a condenser microphone and needs additional power (you can read my review about phantom power), additional power improves the sound quality many times, and if you still have a good or at least cheap external sound card, it will be a fairy tale.


The kit included the microphone ZEEPIN (BM-800), microphone holder (spider), wind cap (sponge) and XLR – 3.5 jack type wire. The microphone cable is about 2 meters and I am quite happy with it.

Microphone ZEEPIN (BM-800)
Note: If you suddenly order or are about to order a microphone like this, be sure to get a USB sound card (at least for $1), it will come in handy.

Recording noises depend on a number of factors. They may not be there at all, or may be from the close distance of the microphone with the system unit, TV, from a bad sound card, lack of power supply. Eliminate noise can be in many programs for sound processing.

Compared to the headset I used before I bought the BMK, it’s heaven and earth. The price of the microphone itself is 8$, if you take a set (as I did) of microphone, holder, phantom power and USB sound card, it will cost you about 30$.

My verdict

BM-800 (ZEEPIN) microphone or its other analog, can be very useful for beginner bloggers, skype enthusiasts, streamers and many other things. For this price it is a good product!

Thank you all for your attention friends. Be healthy and buy only good things! ))

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