H&M bomber jacket with sequins — review

H&M bomber jacket with sequins - review

More shine! Even more! And a unicorn on the back — now the girls won’t resist 🦄

Experience:One year or more

Girls love sequins. And no wonder — in such bright clothes you immediately become a fashionable starlet and princess!

H&M bomber jacket with sequins - review
H&M bomber jacket with sequins

So my daughter and I couldn’t pass by this bomber jacket.

Also a unicorn on the back. The truth is, my daughter didn’t like it very much — she said that it looks like a tattoo 😱 But since the owner of the jacket can’t see it, we can put up with it. I think H&M had such jackets without decorations on the back.

Membrane bomber jacket with double-sided sequins, embossed stand-up collar and chin-up zipper in front.
Knitted elastic band at bottom of sleeves and bottom edge.

H&M bomber jacket with sequins - review
H&M bomber jacket with sequins

The bomber certainly looks very impressive.

I think that as a child you can wear such clothes at least every day, why not. Especially if no one at school minds.

It’s true that we don’t wear this jacket that often, though it’s quite a favorite thing.

Holiday, glitter, good mood — it’s all about her.

If you put emotions aside (at least for a while) and try to objectively describe the jacket, it turns out this.

H&M bomber jacket with sequins - review
H&M bomber jacket with sequins


The jacket is not heavy. Sure, it’s heavier than similar bomber jackets made of regular fabric, but its weight doesn’t make the child uncomfortable at all.

Very well made, that there is no chance to scratch the child’s skin with the sequins. Pretty high collar, wide sleeves, rubber band at the bottom — great protection.

Solid synthetic, yes.

100% polyester
Lining: 100% polyester

No particular warmth from it, but it protects from wind and light chill. And indoors it is not hot. Especially if you unbutton it.

The lining is smooth, looks like this.

This thing is more for beauty than for warmth.

It sits well on my daughter. True, we’ve had the jacket for a little over a year now, and it’s already a size too small. But so far on the comfort and appearance of this does not affect.

It looks good both unzipped and buttoned up.

The elastic bands on the sleeves allow you to take the bomber a little longer and wear it longer.

Last year I did that — the elastic bands held the sleeves well and it wasn’t noticeable that the sleeves were a little longer than they should be.

I like the unicorn on the back — it makes the thing more childlike and cute.

H&M bomber jacket with sequins - review
H&M bomber jacket with sequins

I really like the fact that the bomber goes with almost everything. And with skirts, dresses, leggings, pants and jeans. And it’s not hard to pick up colors.

Another little convenience is a label for writing your name. This is important if the child wears it in kindergarten or school — H&M brand is popular. And such a jacket will leave very few girls indifferent. And thanks to the label, kids won’t mix things up.


Machine washable at 30°C.
I didn’t take any chances and washed the jacket by hand.

Basically, most of the time you only need to freshen up the collar and sleeves, there was no other dirt on it.

Several times I soaked it for a while in a basin, wrung it out gently, and sewed it on the radiator. The jacket withstood all this perfectly, did not change at all. And the sequins did not come out.

No need to iron it, of course. It stays on our shelf when folded and doesn’t wrinkle at all.


H&M bomber-kooka is high quality, you can tell that immediately. And in general I really like children’s clothes from this brand — fashionable, comfortable and durable.

The main thing is that the sequins do not fall off. Sometimes there is just a picture with them, and they fall off. Perhaps we can give this bomber an «A» already. After all, it is the sequins that are its main decoration.

There is, however, such a thing — small bald patches on seams. Especially noticeable under the armpits. And it’s not a defect — all jackets have it this way. Most likely this is done on purpose. And in the eyes is not striking when the jacket on a child. So I will not consider it a disadvantage.

The sequins are claimed to be double-sided, but the color of both sides is the same.

In the photo, it may not be obvious due to the different angle of illumination. But it is. Would it be more beautiful and interesting if the color were different? Perhaps.

Sparkle is always relevant. It is unlikely that the sequins will ever go out of fashion in children’s clothing. They delight the girls and wow the moms.

I certainly recommend it!


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