AliExpress Silver Jewelry – Reviews

AliExpress silver jewelry - reviews
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Review: Aliexpress Silver Jewelry – In some cases it's definitely not silver, and in others there are doubtsAwesome

  • Some jewelry is of high quality, maybe even real sterling silver, some jewelry is very beautiful.
  • Inexpensive, beautiful, interesting.
  • Beautiful, high quality, inexpensive.
  • Not always real silver, can blacken, fade, bend easily.
  • Not silver, most likely.

I started my experience of conquering the vastness of the Chinese site Aliexpress about a year ago, and during this time I became very familiar with it. In most cases, I manage to find on it what I need, and the purchase is really profitable. So, for example, I still can’t get enough of the purchased school satchel for my son – as he does not kill it, the briefcase is nothing! For little things, too, I manage to buy something necessary. For example, for my favorite wonderful Chinese smartphone Xiaomi Mi2S covers can not find, but on Aliexpress – please! Well, and not without various cheap costume jewelry and pendants, which the Chinese have a huge number, and no-no, yes, and yes, and something is bought. Money is not big, and my childish delight from bling – priceless!)))

Today I will show products from the so-called Chinese sterling silver. Of course, it is not necessary to trust completely the seller in his assurances that it is pure sterling silver, but in some cases I have doubts, what if it really is silver? But such a question arises not often, because very often “silver” treacherously fades, giving away the seller with the head. But remembering the cost of “silver”, it becomes not so offensive.

So, I’ll start with a simple one. One ring, which I do not know why I do not know, very simple, ordinary, nothing. But it’s the one that looks like silver to me. I wear it not often, for every day sometimes, to have something on my finger. The shape is simple, the pattern is primitive, it glitters with silver, there is a 925 hallmark and a size 18. The price is $7.80. Judging by the cost, the probability that it is silver is high.

AliExpress silver jewelry - reviews

Another “rich” ring of a different format. It is decorated all around its circumference with small phianites in 5 tracks. The ring is dense, quite thick, heavy. The stones for all time did not fly out, awesome shine and shimmer *really, on the photo it is not fixed), will help to dress up any image. I like it, the 925 proof is indicated. Hasn’t shabby on the outside or inside in all the time I’ve had it. The cost was $18.

AliExpress silver jewelry - reviews

My pride, my joy, my charm – my favorite ring with alexandrite and phianites. Diana and Prince William’s ring. Of course, to assume that it is definitely alexandrite is doubtful, but the way the color plays and changes from violet to gray and from red to green (which is characteristic of natural alexandrite), depending on the light and other circumstances, suggests the naturalness of the stone. But I have not checked, and therefore I believe my eyes. The shape of the ring is classic, will decorate many images, stones play amazingly! Sample is present. The cost was $11.

AliExpress silver jewelry - reviews

Now I’ll show you the earrings. Actually, I’m not a fan of ear jewelry, I like small gold carnations with a gemstone, or at least neat silver earrings, universal for everything, which do not need to be removed. But I liked the earrings from Aliexpress from the picture, so I decided. They turned out to be much shallower than expected. They are ordinary, made of white metal, presumably silver, 925 proof is indicated, one track of phianites decorates the earrings and shine. Nice, modest, inconspicuous, for every day, for a change. The lock is not very, but if you pull up (the metal is soft, bend with your fingers), it holds firmly and has never unbuttoned itself.

Another carnation earrings at my own risk. The shape is not usual, the size is larger than expected, the stone – a type of cultured black pearls. Wore them not long, my ears got sick. So far I have not risked wearing them again. Cost last year was $11.

AliExpress silver jewelry - reviews

This is not my complete collection, but worth a look. In my opinion the variety will help you decide if it’s silver or not, although it’s hard to tell without an experienced eye. But presented above I like, and some things even very much. Therefore, I will not scold the Chinese. Either the quality of costume jewelry is good, or really silver.

Buy at your own risk on Aliexpress or not – a personal matter for everyone, it is pointless to advise here.

Review: Aliexpress silver jewelry – Very happy with the penny earrings, as written, silver plated

A lot has already been written about Aliexpress itself, and about the various products from this site.
I also took part in the description of the mink hat, which I received from there, and now I want to brag about the earrings, which came just in time for the New Year.

AliExpress Silver Jewelry - Reviews

The seller wrote that the earrings are silver, but I deeply doubt it, even though they are stamped. At best – with silver plating. However, very high quality. Since I have not started to wear these earrings green, or black holes in the ears and did not get inflammation.
I have been wearing these earrings since December 24 to this day. As you can understand, under a winter hat hair is often smeared, so I have to wash my head every other day…. This I mean that all this time I wear earrings without taking them off and when washing my hair I use various means, in addition to shampoo, and they often get on the earrings, without harming them.
So far and the color of the metal itself and the shine of the stone perfectly preserved, let’s see what will be in the future.
But I think that their cost of $ 7, they have already fully justified.

Review: Aliexpress silver jewelry – Delicate green set, just a delight!

This is my second silver jewelry set from Aliexpress, and since the first set with mystic topazes was very successful, I decided to make the next purchase – a set of earrings and a ring with artificial emeralds. The seller was communicative, so we soon placed the order and in just 20 days my parcel arrived.

AliExpress Silver Jewelry - Reviews

The set came in a green box with the company logo, a small thing, but nice. Not in the basement craftsmen riveted)))). The quality is really on top, all done very carefully, all products are stamped 925 proof.Silver with a coating, so beautifully shiny and should not darken in the future.

AliExpress Silver Jewelry - Reviews

The pendant earrings look very delicate, they are medium sized, and surprisingly light, you can even keep them on overnight. Stones matte green color, by the way cut in the form of hearts, which I had not noticed before.

AliExpress Silver Jewelry - Reviews

In general, I was very happy with the purchase and I think this is not the last purchase, because to pay in local jewelry stores twice as expensive for the same things I do not see the point. The link to the seller can give in a private message if anyone is interested.

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