Oriflame Optimals Hydra mattifying night cream for oily skin — reviews


A new product from Oriflame for oily skin ?with a promising composition. About the three types of oily skin, and which type it didn’t suit.

The search for an effective matting cream turns into a search for the holy grail, and you can’t go anywhere else. When it comes to Oriflame, in my case it’s «what if?

What if it’s a good cream? It was on sale at a discount, and it only cost me 319 rubles (the price without the discount is 500 rubles). The item of Oriflame Optimals HydraMatte cream in the catalog is 34304.
The packaging of the product is good, a glass heavy jar of 50 ml. There are no additional accessories for a hygienic set of means in the package.

Oriflame Optimals Hydra mattifying night cream for oily skin - reviews
Oriflame Optimals Hydra — packaging

Here is the composition with cheat sheets:

AQUA (water), DIMETHICONE (silicone polymer), GLYCERIN (moisture retention), BETAINE (natural moisturizer), BUTYLENE GLYCOL (preservative), CYCLOPENTASILOXANE (silicone derivative. Stabilizer of silicone emulsions. Provides a smooth, dry and greasy feeling), CYCLOHEXASILOXANE (Conditioner), NYLON-12 (Matting Component), SQUALANE (Natural Emollient), SODIUM POLYACRYLATE (Stabilizer), PHENOXYETHANOL (Preservative, alcohol), CAPRYLYL GLYCOL (Stabilizer. Preservative. Antimicrobial) IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA (Toxic, may cause skin irritation and allergies. May release formaldehyde ), PARFUM (fragrance), SODIUM HYALURONATE (hyaluronic acid), GLYCERYL ACRYLATE/ACRYLIC ACID COPOLYMER (film forming agent, dries the skin), HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA LEAF EXTRACT (slims pores, normalizes secretion), LAMIUM ALBUM LEAF EXTRACT (white nettle — anti-inflammatory, antiseptic), TOCOPHERYL ACETATE (vitamin E), POTASSIUM SORBATE (preservative + antiseptic), SODIUM BENZOATE (Do not combine with high vitamin C content! ), CI 42090, CI 19140 (blue and yellow synthetic dyes)
Oriflame Optimals Hydra mattifying night cream for oily skin - reviews
Oriflame Optimals Hydra — Composition

So, this natural Swedish cosmetic is a real double-breaker in the world of natural cosmetics, who gets pulled in the exam just to get ahead somehow))))

But it doesn’t contain one sebo-regulating agent, but two! And the moisturizing ingredients are pondering. It has to have an effect!

Under the protective foil, it is a «blue haze» colored gel cream, which looks cool and fresh. The smell corresponds to the appearance — ARBUZ, freshness, summer, morning dew)))

In the application is very pleasant, leaves a velvety finish, does not form a film, does not dry out, does not shrink, in general, feel free to go to bed.

Oriflame Optimals Hydra mattifying night cream for oily skin - reviews
Oriflame Optimals Hydra


There are actually three types of oily skin.

  • Liquid seborrhea-when sebum flows out, free as a mountain stream, without clogging pores;
  • Thick seborrhea — when pores are clogged with thick sebum, causing the dreaded sebum;
  • and the luckiest have mixed seborrhea — that’s when both grease and sebum leak.

I have just the third type of skin. It’s very important to me to cut down the sebum, otherwise my pores will get clogged, and then you won’t get a good look.

Wake up, stretch.

When I woke up, I felt it — a greasy pancake ❌❌❌

And it’s not even summer anymore — it’s 17 degrees at night and the heating season hasn’t started yet.

And my pores didn’t hide anywhere. I didn’t get pimples, thank you very much.) Well, the promised moisturizing was also an A, but I didn’t bring you all here for the moisturizing properties.
The more I used it, the more the cumulative effect of my old matting product wore off (and I will buy one right away and wait for a review).

Anyway, there’s not much more to say. I’ve been using it for a week, and so far I haven’t had time to get inflammation on top of increased oiliness. I would not take any chances) if I had slept for 4 hours, maybe I would have caught the effect of the cream, and I sleep for 8 hours, like a boyarina!

Oriflame recommends using a matte day cream for oily skin in the morning for the best effect, but we don’t fall for the same trick once.

So the mattifying night cream for oily skin Oriflame Optimals Hydra — no and in my case the miser pays twice)))


Unexpectedly, I was pleasantly surprised by the cream!!!

When I got the catalog #10 in my hands, I saw the new product — Optimals Hydra mattifying night cream for oily skin. I was immediately surprised… How can you matte your skin at night? 8|

But I took a chance! I ordered myself a «set» for summer: this cream and matte day cream-fluid for oily skin from the same line (I have already used it — pleased). And now my order has arrived! The box is standard for this series of creams, nice looking, concise (at the time of writing this review, I threw it away, so the photo on the collage — from the Internet, sorry).

The cream itself is packaged, again, in the standard Optimals jar. Under the lid is a protective foil.

The texture of the cream is very light and watery (which I personally found surprising, since it is a night cream, after all!). The smell, as I think, is of cucumber, or some other herb… overall — super refreshing!!!

After the evening cleansing ritual started testing ))))

What the manufacturer promised:

Lightweight matting cream gel with a complex of natural ingredients Swedish Blend and vitamin E takes care of the beauty of the skin while you sleep: narrows pores, regulates sebum secretion, gives a fresh and healthy look.
Moisturizes skin — 97% proof; Reduces skin oiliness by regulating sebum secretion; Makes pores less prominent — 77% Confirms;
Gives a healthy glow — 88% proof*; and
Designed for the holistic care of oily skin;
Dermatologically tested.
*Based on consumer testing results


Active Ingredients.
White nettle (urtica dioica): has antioxidant, protective and soothing properties.
Hamamelis: softens the surface layer of the skin, helps to shrink enlarged pores, prevents inflammation.

After application, the cream absorbed very quickly (10-15 minutes), and I was already ready to be disappointed Wink!!! in the morning my skin was ACTUALLY matte!!! so my packing for work was reduced in time, without losing precious minutes to remove the oily shine. Moreover, I applied the aforementioned day cream fluid before my makeup…. And that’s it!!! protection from greasy shine is provided for at least 3-4 hours!!! Considering that the heat we have right now is unbelievable and my skin is very problematic, this is a super result!!!!

I highly recommend this miracle cream!!!


«Face care for facial skin prone to oily skin: Optimals Hydra mattifying night cream for oily skin — I didn’t see any matting in fact, but I liked the cream!

Hi, pretty lady!

As the owner of oily prone skin with enlarged pores, I’m always searching for a balance between moisturizing/nourishing and matting/subverting inflammation. This time I’m going to tell you about my experience with catalog skincare.

Oriflame Optimals Hydra mattifying night cream for oily skin - reviews
Oriflame Optimals Hydra

The jar is quite weighty, made of glass, the lid is plastic screwed white, there is no drying protection and spatula, but there is tamper protection made of foil.

Smell and consistency:

The cream has a light goalless texture and a fresh unobtrusive aroma of herbaceous and floral direction.

The manufacturer highlights the following active ingredients:

White nettle (urtica dioica): has antioxidant, protective and soothing properties and helps to care for skin prone to inflammation. Vitamin B5 reduces the appearance of excessive sebum and shine.
Hamamelis: contains tannins which have astringent properties and antibacterial properties. It softens the surface layer of the skin, helps shrink enlarged pores and prevents inflammation. Decoction of witch hazel is recommended for skin prone to greasiness and inflammation.

I would also add that it contains squalane (kind of a rather fashionable care ingredient on a par with witch hazel), as well as several silicones and not particularly useful dyes, which is not so happy and someone may not like it.

Method of Use:

Apply in the evening to cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area. For best results in the morning, use Matte Day Cream Fluid for oily skin.

My verdict is this:

I remembered this cream-gel for myself with a tick «can be repeated», but I would not use it as intended in this case, because it is very light, after all, I am almost 30 and as a night care my skin asks for something more intense. For me, the Optimals Hydra cream-gel is a story for a light moisturizing before makeup, nothing more, but the cream copes with this function perfectly. Matting effect of the cream I did not notice, this is more of a marketing than fact, but quality skin hydration itself reduces the oiliness of the skin, because the excess sebum can be among other things from dehydration of the skin, and the more it dries, the more it will try to thank would save.


My favorite light cream for very oily skin

I have very oily and porous skin, but it also sometimes needs moisturizing, but finding a cream that moisturizes but does not grease the skin or clog pores is very difficult.

And now I found such a cream! It’s Optimals Hydra Matt by Oriflame.

I was motivated to write a review that I scraped the last drops of cream, unfortunately, the photo structure of the cream to show so can not.

On the other hand, it’s a testament to how much I like it, that I «licked» the jar so much).
So, this cream is more like a gel. It is very light, almost weightless, almost transparent, with a greenish tint. It is easy to apply in a thin layer and is immediately absorbed. I can sometimes feel a little tingle on my face, though. It has a pleasant, light scent, unobtrusive, and it doesn’t bother me.

This cream-gel is labeled as a night cream, but I also put it on during the day, when I really need to moisturize my skin (which is usually in the winter). If after washing I feel tightness and tingling of the skin, after applying this cream everything instantly disappears. And most importantly — it does not grease the skin, does not clog pores, the face after absorption of the cream is not sticky, not shiny, and pleasant and smooth. I’m waiting for it to appear in the catalog, so I can order more soon.


Very successful night cream!

Good day to you all! Owners of oily skin will understand me. Finding a cream for oily skin is a challenge. Personally, I have had a lot of bad luck with night creams. Why is that? It’s a mystery. I often slather on a light moisturizer at night and wake up in the morning with a wildly shiny face. Not so long ago, a colleague advised me a couple of creams of this series — a day cream, alas, did not work and night cream, about which the review will go. To be honest, I did not count on any positive result, but it was there.

And so, the cream itself is in a neat, strict jar.

The cream itself has a light texture and a pleasant, not intrusive fragrance, which disappears rather quickly. The cream absorbs quickly, it does not leave a greasy and sticky residue.

In the morning — to my joy — my skin was not covered with a layer of fat and it was possible to lie down, stretch, instead of running to wash my face, as if I had been removed by a bee.

8.2Expert Score
Oriflame Optimals Hydra

Pleasant, easy to absorb, moisturizes oily skin, matting, does not clog pores.

  • Fulfilled all the promises
  • At the action in the catalog — only 79 UAH.
  • Beautiful skin in the morning
  • Super-fresh summer fragrance
  • Doesn't mattify

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