H&M Red Padded Jacket — reviews

H&M Red Padded Jacket - reviews

«Black Friday at h&m — a bright winter jacket for a great price.

In the store h&m our city started «Black Friday», discounts please, I bought my eldest and youngest son warm jackets at a price of 1500 rubles. The jacket older on the growth of 170 — I fit «with room to spare», with a growth of 180), now tell me about the jacket for the younger. The action is almost all models of jackets and if the choice for the elder, I knew immediately, then about a row of jackets for a younger age I went a long time, warmer models — wasted, since the frost of -15 already have clothes, so I started choosing among the models to -15, eventually liked the two options: yellow with gray and bright red, I chose in favor of a red, I wanted something bright for the winter). I took a size 128 for my height of 130 cm, the 134 was too big.

H&M Red Padded Jacket - reviews
H&M Red Padded Jacket

Jacket of dense waterproof + windproof fabric, the fabric feels similar to Lassie, there are special labels, insulation medium, looks like 160-180 grams, inside up to the waist fleece, below — smooth polyester.

H&M Red Padded Jacket - reviews
H&M Red Padded Jacket — reviews

The jacket has no additional stretching and adjustments, but on my son’s standard build sat very well.
The hood is detachable, it’s with buttons, the fur is artificial, can be removed, fastened with buttons, I like how it looks.

There are a couple of good pockets with zippers, a lot of reflectors.

H&M Red Padded Jacket
H&M Red Padded Jacket
H&M Red Padded Jacket
  • the backrest is elongated
  • chin pinch protection on the lock
  • Velcro and furless hood
  • sleeves have cuffs
  • front pockets (there are two) is pretty deep (holds a pair of warm mittens)
  • Reflectors are «on the butt» in the form of dots, on the hood in the form of strips and traditionally, on the locks
  • Fleece trim inside on the back to the middle approximately, no sleeves and the hood is not insulated:
  • there is a tag that confirms that the coating of the jacket water repellent and windproof jacket itself and it is so). The tag, where it says about windproofing, etc., I cut off a long time ago
  • There is also a tag inside, where you can write the child’s name and phone number of the parent.
  • composition and care of the product: polyamide here is dense, but this jacket is really suitable for our winters, unless of course the temperature drops below — 15 degrees.

Son is active, wears up to +5 degrees jacket, then put on a simple sweatshirt, and if the temp is about minus 5 degrees and below, the H&M — sskoy fleece (which is thick).

In kindergarten, if it is -15 outside, I send a «winter» kit, and if to walk to the store and back or by car, then H&M.

I also really liked the jacket and the quality and appearance. Great jacket!

9.2Expert Score
H&M Red Padded Jacket

A great option for winter.

  • Quality
  • Great euro-winter
  • Price-tale
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