AliExspress Anti-Reflective Driver Goggles – Reviews

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Review: Anti-glare glasses for drivers AliExspress – Not a panacea, but make life much easier for the driver.

  • Makes it easier to drive at night and in fog.
  • Comfortable and protects against glare.
  • Not expensive, fully meets the description.
  • PThe coating distributes day and night evenly over the field of vision, very good quality, the plastic does not smell, there are holes for air access to the eyes.
  • We didn't find any.

Every driver, whether he is a professional or a beginner, faces some problems on the road. It’s bright sunlight that blinds your eyes in the summertime, poor visibility in heavy fog in the fall, or in the wintertime when it snows. It can be the bright headlights of oncoming cars, which also hits your eyes sharply. In general, some sort of problem arises for all motorists, at any time of day and any time of year.

My husband often drives in the evenings, so when we heard about anti-glare glasses for drivers, we decided to buy them.

Glasses for night driving should make it easier to drive in difficult weather conditions, and with poor visibility on the road. The manufacturers claim 

that such glasses increase the contrast of the picture, which is due to partial absorption of the violet-blue part of the spectrum, improve the perception of colors, well passing the light in the yellow-green part of the spectrum, remove elements of fatigue – sleepiness and rapid fatigue of the driver.

And where to find such a miracle without leaving home? Only on Internet sites. So we ordered such glasses on AliExspress. I never get tired of repeating that I adore this Chinese site, I like to look there different necessary and unnecessary little things that offer numerous stores. You will always find something interesting there.

This is what these glasses look like. They are with anti-reflective and polarizing effect.

AliExspress Anti-Reflective Driver Goggles - Reviews

Of course, the yellow color of the glasses doesn’t look quite normal, but if it helps when driving in difficult weather conditions, then so be it.

These glasses are not the most expensive, so they are plastic, quite plain looking.

On the edges of the inner side – soft black trim that they fit snugly to the face, the same soft padding is also on the tips of the shackles.

A man wearing such glasses does not look quite ordinary. But the most important thing is that they really make driving at night and in fog easier. At night, they soften the sharpness of the headlights of oncoming cars. And in fog, which in our region in the cold season happens often, these glasses improve visibility. Not a panacea, of course, but the effect is quite significant.
My husband also uses them when fishing. Anti-reflective effect does not let his eyes get tired of the shine of the water surface, and the tight contact with the face protects the eyes from cold air. So there is an undoubted usefulness on fishing.

These glasses arrived to us six months ago, and my husband is very satisfied with the acquisition.

Review: AliExspress anti-glare glasses for drivers – Very comfortable thing.

When we had a need for frequent long journeys at night, the question of buying anti-glare glasses arose. We decided to order them in an online store. After a short wait the parcel was received and I must say that the result did not disappoint us. Glasses are very comfortable yellow glass really reflect any glare as the headlights of oncoming cars sunlight and even on the sparkling snow can safely look. The glasses create a slight magnifying effect and give exceptional clarity of vision. Eyes in them do not get tired.

Another plus of these glasses is that the eyes on the side are also covered by the glasses.

AliExspress Anti-Reflective Driver Goggles - Reviews

The frames are soft no pressure face no chafing they just don’t feel right.

Review: AliExspress anti-glare glasses for drivers – Inexpensive and high quality

I often have to drive in the dark. When driving at night, my eyes get tired from the headlights of oncoming cars. In the store glasses are expensive and I was not sure that they will be useful. I decided to take on AliExpress cheaper. And so I wrote out the glasses for 1.6$, and in two months I received the parcel. I will say that the glasses are packed perfectly, two layers of PVC plus the box. The glasses are a little small, the size is more like a teenager than an adult. But I fit, a little bit of pressure does not interfere. Glasses super justified all expectations. Oncoming cars do not glare, my eyes do not get tired. It became better to see the road, especially bumps and potholes which on our roads a lot. In the daytime they also protect from the sun. Glasses can be used both day and night. The body is made of plastic, plastic is not fragile bend. I recommend this product.

Review: Excellent quality anti-glare glasses.

Hello everyone! Today I will write a review of anti-glare glasses from Aliexpress. By the way, I bought them on sale 11.11 for a penny for one piece. My surprise was not limited when I learned that the glasses are additionally covered with a dark coating in the direct area of vision and additionally on the sides. In general sent me the goods in 5 days. Antireflective glasses surprised me that it even filter daylight, and at night as if to distribute it throughout the vision area (including side glasses). The plastic coating is rather thin-medium. But as the experiment showed this coating is not scratched just so.

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