27″ Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor — Review


Quality, budget monitor

Experience: one month or more

Very good monitor for its money! Has a swivel screen, both horizontally and vertically. Good tilt angle and quality materials. The color reproduction of this monitor is very clear. Like all IPS monitors sometimes you can see shadows on the edges. The plastic sometimes crackles after use. I really enjoy working with it!

Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor
Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor
Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor
9.5Expert Score
27" Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor — Review

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  • IPS matrix
  • Quality image reproduction and color in general
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Tilt and rotate angles
  • The plastic sometimes crackles after use

Great monitor

Experience: Over a year
27" Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor - Review
Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor

It is just a beautiful monitor, which has few analogues on the market, and as for me there are none at all, taking into account the hertzovki, resolution and quality of the picture.
The design is different for everyone, but here I also think that the rigor and functionality are on top.
The only downside is the lack of black color, which is visible in comparison with the Macbook 14′ screen on the m1 Pro. But considering that the screen there is the same as in the ProDisplay XDR for insufficient money, it is not a minus.

9.5Expert Score
Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor 27"

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  • 160 Hz via DisplayPort
  • Resolution 2k
  • The ideal diagonal size in my opinion, 27'
  • Possibility to use one DisplayPort for sound and picture (has jack 3,5)
  • Good looking leg with swivel function, even though I use a bracket
  • Stylish: Slim frame and no logo on the front
  • No glare and good calibration (might depend on the model)
  • Inconvenient control buttons (but you'll only set up the monitor 1 time)

Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor 27 — Review

Experience: Less than a month

Very good monitor for its price. It would be cool if it was cheaper, but even so, I don’t feel sorry for 30k. I have something to compare it with. Was very pleased with the approach to packaging from the supplier, just when it was raining outside, came in handy. The HDR and Adaptive-Sync are turned off by default, I recommend to turn it on, it will be much better.

9.4Expert Score
Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor — Review

A very good monitor for its price.

  • No dings at 165Hz in applications with moving 3D models.
  • Great colors, wife is a designer, compared with monitors at work, appreciated.
  • Great construction, no wiggle leg, no backlash, all grooves match.
  • Perfect monitor performance for me, austere design.
  • If you get to the bottom of it, there is a little bit of glare around the edges, as with many IPS.
  • I had to look for 30 seconds to find the menu in Chinese to switch to English.

Xiaomi is the Chinese Apple. It was a pleasure to even assemble and plug in. 🙂

For work, this monitor will be a good buy. It will be a stylish addition to your workplace. And if you want to play your favorite shooter, it will be ready to unlock the potential of your PC in 2k resolution, 165Hz, with no stays. I recommend it.

For me as a beginner to use such monitors, namely IPS with high resolution and Hertzka monitor seems perfect, with great pleasure I play shooters, action games, as well as comfortable to work, there is a slight glow, but as for me it is normal, in general a great monitor.

27" Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor - Review
9.5Expert Score
Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming monitor 27'

After a week, I would like to say that I am satisfied with everything

  • Stylish, austere design. Which may be more of a minus than a plus for the Gaimers.
  • High-quality construction and materials. Nothing squeaks, backlashes or dangles.
  • The feet are very stable and flat at the base. It doesn't bother me at all. The top-notch ergonomics.
  • The Display port cord is included. I can get the monitor to work at 165Hz out of the box.
  • USB hub with 2 ports.
  • Smooth, clear and good picture with no ghosting.
  • Monitor can swivel left and right.
  • Little height adjustment.
  • Although the monitor is positioned as a gamer's monitor, it has no gamer settings like sights and switchable profiles.
  • The menu looks boring, like on the most common office monitors, and was also in Chinese out of the box. Fortunately there is an option to enable the English version.
  • Navigating through the menu of the monitor with the buttons seemed to be inconvenient. The joystick is much better. But, it does not affect the quality of work.


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