Rant FLEX 2022 stroller — reviews

Rant FLEX 2022 stroller - reviews

A great stroller that works for everyone

Chic baby stroller

Buy it, you will not regret it.

Stylish and maneuverable. Easy to assemble, everything was included. For the wheels the developer of this model should say a special thank you! They ride quietly, do not squeak, bumps don’t gather, shock absorbers cope with our roads at all 120%! Every detail of the stroller functionality and convenience for mom. The shopping basket — great! The handle that changes position is perfect for my 180 cm, I do not have to lift the stroller in three bends, and my hands are always relaxed. As for size and weight, it is not a small stroller, the unit is wide and the height is optimal for the child.

Rant FLEX 2022 stroller - reviews
Rant FLEX 2022 stroller

The seat can be installed either in the direction of travel or against it. As long as the child is small, mount the seat facing away from you. When your child is older and wants to look around, mount the seat facing the direction of travel. Be sure to use the five-point harness for a safe ride. There is a convenient lock, and the top straps can be rearranged in height to suit your child’s height. Thanks to the padded shoulder straps and interbody padding, the straps do not chafe and are very comfortable.

Для защиты от яркого солнца и непогоды можно открыть капюшон. Он легко регулируется и хорошо закрывает малыша. Но стоит обратить внимание, что опускается капор вместе со спинкой вниз. В горизонтальном положении капюшон открывает ребёнка дождю и снегу. Но для этого случая производитель предусмотрел теплую накидку с откидным язычком. Благодаря ей ваш малыш будет недосягаем для резких порывов ветра и капель воды.

Flex stroller chassis

The stroller has a very pleasant ride. It well smoothes the minor vibrations from the road, perfectly controlled with one hand. The handle of Rant Flex is telescopically adjustable. Thanks to a clever design of the frame, the stroller remains easy to steer even in the lowest position and suits the smallest parents. And if your height is above average, Rant Flex easily adjusts to you! Simply extend the handle to the maximum height and enjoy the ride.

The bar on the rear wheels and the handle extension are designed so that you will never trip over the stroller, no matter how wide your stride is! Rant Flex wheels are made of durable polyurethane. They do not need pumping, are not afraid of punctures and do not freeze in cold weather. The stroller has good traction and does not slip. The front wheels can be locked in a straight position in difficult terrain, such as sand or snow, for better cross-country mobility.

Rant FLEX 2022 stroller - reviews

Rant Flex folds easily and compactly with one hand, regardless of how the stroller unit is mounted. You just need to lower the handle to the bottom position, fold the seat and grab the handle underneath. The stroller will be in your hand like a small briefcase. You can put it in the trunk of the car or put in the hallway. Modest size when folded allows convenient storage of the stroller even in a small apartment.

Girls, buy it, you won’t regret it! I advise!

9.5Expert Score
Rant FLEX 2022 stroller — reviews

Overall, this model is really good, including its appearance. I recommend everyone to buy this stroller, because for the money it is the best solution.

  • The unit takes several positions
  • Attractive appearance
  • Warmed cape
  • Compact
  • Doesn't take up much space
  • Great wheels
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to clean if necessary
  • Non marking fabric
  • Can't find

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