Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail — reviews

Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail - reviews


If my skin is in trouble, a snail will come to the rescue. This mask will be my hit all summer long.

I usually use tissue masks to prevent wrinkles and to moisturize my skin. But this time I needed a mask to relieve the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. My skin was very inflamed and red. After having once suffered second-degree burns from the sun, I take it seriously. My skin is fair and burns and reds easily and can even blister.

Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail - reviews
Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail

This time the damage is certainly not serious, but the redness, itching and irritation I got from the sun. It is the maca with snail mucin that is supposed to soothe and regenerate the skin.


Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, betaine, arginine, carbomer, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, allantoin, whistle nest extract, EDTA disodium, fragrance.

It’s all written on the back in Korean, but there’s only the composition in English. I had to dig around on the Internet and find information about it.

Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail - reviews

How I used the mask

This mask should be kept for 20-30 minutes. I kept the whole 30, as I needed the maximum effect. The most important thing is to remove the cloth immediately if it started to dry out. Then it does not moisturize, but rather draws moisture out of the skin.


I liked the density of the fabric, I don’t like very thin, and this one is so medium in feel. And it felt very soft and velvety.

The shape of it fit my face perfectly. After all, round shapes are the best. It’s better to twist it somewhere, but it’s enough to cover the whole face.

The mask spreads out perfectly, already smooths out on the face and lays down without a crease. Of course it needs to expel all the air, but it is not too difficult.

Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail - reviews


As such, a strong smell she has no, it is weak and quite pleasant. The fragrance is at the very end of the composition, so you should not expect a fragrance.

The essence in the bag is not too little, but it is enough to apply on the neck. The mask absorbs it all and holds well in the fabric.

Feelings during application

What I liked about the mask was that it cooled my skin well. It is very nice when there is irritation — to put something cold.

The mask did not dry out on my skin, although I kept it on for the maximum amount of time — 30 minutes. That said, it didn’t leak either. The impregnation itself is so comfortable — as if a little gel-like.

I didn’t feel any itching or burning. The mask only made me feel comfortable and relieved.


Initially my skin was very red. Daylight still whitens it, but in real life I looked almost like a boiled cancer. It was embarrassing to even go outside. It hurt to touch my face and my skin itched. I thought everything was gone, I was going to peel off more.

The mask is a good express remedy to remove redness, puffiness, to improve the complexion and to eliminate peeling. The product will help to quickly return the skin silkiness, prepare it for makeup application, protect it from the negative effects of the external environment.

The redness seemed to come off a little. But after using the mask, I felt a real relief. My skin was no longer tight and there was no hint that it was about to flake off. To say that I was happy is to say nothing. When you have to go to work the next day and you look like a fried chicken, it’s not good.

Snail mucin perfectly regenerates the skin, promotes its regeneration and rejuvenation. The mask with high content of snail mucin will give your skin elasticity and firmness, protect it from premature aging, tighten and moisturize.

The mask moisturized right up to 5 points. And I left the essence on my skin after removing the cloth to fully absorb it. I had no stickiness or tightness. It felt like I had applied a light facial serum. Makeup would go on top of this foundation beautifully.

I want to buy a few of these masks to spare. It would be good to take them with me on a trip to the sea, to restore the skin every night.

So far I have this set of Farm Stay Visible Difference masks:

Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail - reviews

I think that all of them will not let me down and will give great results. I have the best impressions of the snail mucin mask. To date, it is the best one I have tried.

  • real Korean quality mask;
  • Nice fabric and comfortable shape of the mask;
  • it’s comfortable to use;
  • gives an amazing restorative and soothing effect on the skin.


  • none.

Bottom line: this is the first mask that I unequivocally recommend. If not for it, who knows what would have happened next to my sensitive facial skin after a sunburn. I recommend to anyone who has irritation and redness on their skin — this mask gives a great effect.


Nice mask with snail mucin, well moisturize and nourish dry and tired skin.

Today I would like to share my impressions of using the Farmstay Snail Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet.

Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail - reviews

The mask is very well impregnated, unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it in the bag, but there is indeed a lot of impregnation and even remains afterwards.
There is almost no fragrance, at least I did not feel it. After removing the mask the essence remains enough for another pill mask, if any, mine still can’t come from ali, so for now I use the leftovers as a serum before the cream the next time I wash my face.

It spreads well, the pattern is not perfect but it’s quite comfortable, the slits for the eyes, lips and nose are in place. The fabric doesn’t stretch or tear when spreading, which is also quite important.

It sits on the face firmly, does not slip and does not tend to roll off or fall off, so you can safely do household chores, although I prefer to relax in the meantime.
The mask is comfortable to use, no tingling or anything like that, just a pleasant coolness that is characteristic of tissue masks.

A little bit about my skin: combined, prone to greasiness, needs quality cleansing and moisturizing.
At the moment of using the mask I was a little dried out because I went to the countryside for a few days, where I had the bare minimum of care, washcloth and cream, plus a terribly uncomfortable bed and a hell of a lack of sleep.

I kept it on my face for 25 minutes, though I could have done it up to 30, because even with the removal of the impregnation there was still quite a lot left.

The mask pleasantly moisturized and nourished my skin, my face felt fresh and rested, despite the fact that I did not feel that way.

The mask also tightened and refreshed the skin under my eyes, and the bruises were not so noticeable.

I would not say that the result is perfect, but looking at myself in the mirror has become much more pleasant. The skin became smoother, the red spots from pimples on my face are not so prominent, there is a healthy glow.

Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail - reviews

I did not notice a big difference in my pores, probably due to the dryness of my skin before using the mask.
After removing the mask there was a slight stickiness, I patted the face with my fingers and the essence was absorbed, after absorption the stickiness was gone.

To sum up, the main pluses of the mask:

✔ moisturizes and nourishes the skin;

✔ refreshes my face;

✔ evens out the color and visually reduces redness;

✔ gives the skin a healthy glow.

I noticed some stickiness, but since it disappeared after the mask was absorbed, it is hard to consider it a minus.

In general, I liked the result of the mask, I would not call it perfect, but it is worthy of a solid four, and the price is quite pleasant, so if I see it anywhere else, I will most likely repeat the purchase.


The snail comes to the rescue — Incredible moisturizing and softening of the skin after application is ensured

Good afternoon, dear readers!

In my new review, I’m going to tell you about the Visible Difference Mask Sheet Snail Face Mask from Farm Stay.

Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail - reviews


The design of the bags of Farm Stay fabric masks is always similar, the only difference is the color and the picture on the front side — it all depends on the «main» component of the mask.

In this case, a snail on a leaf is depicted on the bag in soft green color.

On the back there is information on how to use the mask, the composition of the mask in Russian and Korean. You can also find the seller’s contact information.

Farm Stay Visible Difference Mask Sheet Snail


Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, betaine, arginine, carbomer, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, allantoin, whistle nest extract, EDTA disodium, fragrance.

I’m confused by the fact that the contents do not include the snail mucin. So what is the point of the mask then?
The fabric base of the mask is light and pleasant to the touch, inside the package the mask was neatly rolled up in a small «envelope».

The mask is sufficiently saturated with serum, it does not drip off in a stream. The fragrance is light, unobtrusive, while wearing the mask is not irritating.
After using different masks, changes of care my skin became more moisturized and healthy looking, but still sometimes there is a dryness and tightness of the skin, so every 7-14 days I try to make different masks.

The pattern of the mask, as I said above, is made of a nice and soft base. The size of the mask also fit me well, nothing hangs down, or on the contrary, everything is enough.

Farm Stay Visible Difference Mask Sheet Snail - Before

During the use of the mask — which is about 20 minutes — the mask did not slip off my face, I was quietly doing my housework.
For me, you can’t go longer than 20-25 minutes with a mask, it dries out too much.

Farm Stay Visible Difference Mask Sheet Snail - After

After I first masked my face, there was excess serum left on my skin, which I spread all over my face and neck. Then I applied my cream. No stickiness was left on my face and the cream distributed well.
I liked the result of using the Visible Difference Mask Sheet Snail Face Mask from Farm Stay, my skin was more moisturized, smoother and softer to the touch. You can also notice that the slight flakiness is gone altogether. So, I can definitely recommend it for purchase!

Thank you all for listening!

9.2Expert Score
Farm Stay Visible Difference Face Mask Sheet Snail

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  • Budget option
  • Smoothed complexion
  • Face is moisturized
  • Does not need to be washed off
  • Neutral fragrance
  • No sticky layer
  • Convenient molding
  • Can dry quickly
  • No snail mucin in the product
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