Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo — reviews

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo - reviews

A bestseller from Korea, Masil 3 Salon Hair Shampoo with amino acids to cleanse and restore hair.

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Since recently I’m thoroughly hooked on Korean cosmetics, if earlier it was only skin care products, now I’m starting to get hooked on hair care products. In my new review, I want to share my impressions about the product that has become a true bestseller in Korea and is slowly starting to conquer other countries — the restorative shampoo Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo with amino acids.

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo - reviews
Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo — reviews

My acquaintance with the Masil brand began with an 8-second mask, which I once bought just to try, but after evaluating the results after the first use, I wanted to try other products of the brand. That’s how Masil shampoo became a part of my care now on a regular basis.

General information:

📌 Price of Masil shampoo: full-size format in our city on average costs 800-900 rubles, on WB and in Korean IMs it is already available for 650 rubles. Sachets on average cost from 30 to 60 rubles.

📌 Where to buy Masil shampoo: Korean offline and online stores, shopping sites like WildBerries. I buy shampoo at one of the Korean stores in our city and at Parfum Leader.

📌 Volume: the full-size format is 300 ml, and the sachet is 8 ml. Of course, it is more profitable to take a large bottle at once, but I somehow feel sorry to pay 900 rubles for the shampoo at once, so I go and buy it in a few sticks, overpaying half))

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo - reviews

📌 Country of manufacturer:

📌 Masil amino acid shampoo is recommended:

For all hair types, including suitable for cleansing dry and damaged hair.

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Repair Shampoo with Amino Acids

What it represents:


The full-size format is a plastic bottle with a hinged lid in a concise design. The sachet looks much simpler, but is basically the same design as the full-size version.

In fact, having miniature samples like these is a great way to get to know the brand. I have quite finicky hair and a sensitive scalp, so not all products go well. The best option is when you can try a product first by buying a few of these sachets, and if the result is good, you can afford to spend on a full format. So a couple of months ago I bought a full size bottle of 8 seconds mask, the review will be on it too, but a little later. Also, this format is very convenient to take with you on a trip — it doesn’t take up much space and weighs grams.
📌 As for the information about the shampoo, the sachet does not fit much and it’s all in Korean. What I was interested in, I found on the Internet, in the course of the review I will tell you about the most important points.

Characteristics of Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo with amino acids:

📌 Composition:

Water, Ammonium lauryl sulfate, PEG-8, Ammonium laureth sulfate, Glycerin, Urea, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, Cocamide IEA, Propylene glycol, Fragrance, Sodium benzoate, Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Guar Hydroxyprop- yltrimonium Chloride, Menthol, Salicylic acid, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, Butylene Glycol, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Gelatin, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Hydrated Keratin, Grape Seed Oil, Oat Seed Extract, Glycine, 1,2-Hexandiol, Serine, Glutamic Acid, Hydrolyzed Conm Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Aspartic acid, Leucine, Ceramide 3, Alanine, Lysine, Arginine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Threonine, Valine, Isoleucine, Ceramide 1, Histidine, Cysteine, Methionine, Ceramide 2, Ceramide 4, Ceramide 6 (ll).

As you can see, the composition of the shampoo up to the top is full of all sorts of components, key among them:

  • 17 amino acids
    Reduce porosity of hair and make it more dense.
  • Ceramides
    Fill hair with vitality, increase strength, repair damaged areas, add shine and silkiness.
  • Collagen
    Moisturizes, strengthens, improves the condition of damaged hair and split ends.
  • Salicylic Acid
    Exfoliates dead scalp cells, removes excess sebum, accelerates epidermal renewal, dissolves sebaceous plugs, cleanses skin and destroys bacteria.
  • Menthol
    Improves circulation and nutrition of the bulbs, stimulates hair growth and reduces sebum activity.

Actually, I do not pay much attention to the composition, the first thing that matters to me is how the hair reacts to a particular product and whether the effect, but after studying the information about this shampoo, I was even curious. For me, this is the first shampoo with collagen and salicylic acid in its composition. I used to see these ingredients in products for the face, but on the other hand, why not. If these components are effective for the face, why can they be harmful for the hair? I still had my doubts about salicylic acid, because I know how it can dry the skin.

Organoleptic properties of the shampoo:

In terms of its appearance, Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo is completely transparent with a uniform texture and medium consistency.

The fragrance of the product is very pleasant, moderately saturated and unobtrusive, and the presence of menthol in it is clearly audible. I can’t call it a harsh smell. On the contrary, I like the way it feels on my hair and refreshes it.

Application of Masil Revitalizing Shampoo:

But first let me tell you a little bit about my hair:

  • Curly, unruly;
  • porous along its length;
  • stiff;
  • colored, recently bleached with powder, so the ends are very dry;
  • sensitive scalp, prone to dandruff.

I must admit that I have expected a lot from the shampoo, not only in terms of care, but also for all that was mentioned in the description of the active ingredients, because in general, my expectations from the use of Korean cosmetics have always been higher than for conventional products from the mass market. Although, in fact, the main purpose of the shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp, and care — the work of masks, serums and fillers. Nevertheless, the Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo really turned out to be more than just a cleanser and a little below I will clearly show that.

So, the application of Masil shampoo:

Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair and scalp, massage and rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary.

I’ve been using Masil Shampoo once a week for about 8 weeks now — it’s about time to buy a full-size shampoo, but I keep using it by the piece.

Already at the stage of application, you can feel the caring properties of the product, they are manifested in the fact that when washing my hair is not tangled at all, and to the touch of soft and smooth.

When rinsing, the water flows off them like a cloth, although I did not use any additional care products.

As for the cleansing, I had an association with deep cleansing shampoo in my senses — both on my hair and on my skin it was exactly the same feeling that you get after a complete hair cleansing, but the difference is that here the hair was not too dry and I did not want to stuff it again with some nourishing balm.
Speaking of balm, since I have curly and porous hair, shampoo alone is not enough to take care of it, after Masil 3 Salon Hair they are so soft that they start to frizz even more, so the best option is to apply a mask, serum or any other hair nourishing product. First, I’ll show you a variation of the shampoo + 8-second mask application from the same brand:

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo - reviews

Another great quality of the shampoo is that it moisturizes the scalp, thereby relieving itching and irritation, which helps to prevent dandruff.

For comparison, I’ll show how my hair looked in May of this year almost immediately after bleaching and how it looks now.

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo - reviews

To summarize:

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo with amino acids turned out to be more than just a cleanser, it’s the kind of product that takes care of my hair already at the application stage, and when combined with other products, visibly transforms it. Now I understand why it is considered a bestseller in Korea — it is the first shampoo that simultaneously cleanses my hair until it squeaks, but leaves it soft and bouncy without drying it out.

By rights, this kind of care can be compared to salon care, only you don’t even have to leave the house to get it, just buy Masil Restoring Shampoo and a couple of other Korean hair products.

As such, I have not found any major drawbacks in this product for myself, I liked the way it:

  • cleanses and refreshes the hair;
  • Makes hair soft and moisturized;
  • Soothes the scalp and relieves irritation;
  • Works in combination with other products to improve hair quality and appearance.

So I deservedly give the Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo with Amino Acids 5 stars.

I recommend it!


🍒 What type of hair DOES YOU LIKE, why I CANNOT use it non-stop, but I will buy Masil 3 shampoo more than once.

I can’t say that I am a fan of Korean products, but I like and like a lot of them. I bought Masil 3 Salon Hair Shampoo after many rave reviews. I am trying it myself and tell you about my impressions. It is good that you can buy one piece and try it, because not all lauded products are suitable. Hair, hair type and condition are different for everyone. I judge by Lador, what fits, something absolutely not.

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo - reviews
Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo


Professional shampoo with ceramides gently cleanses hair from any impurities, does not cause irritation and itching, promotes hair smoothing and prevents brittleness. The shampoo intensively moisturizes dry and fragile locks, makes them smooth and manageable, saturates them with useful components. the hair becomes strong, silky and gets a healthy shine.the shampoo exfoliates the keratinous layer and contains components that care for the scalp: stimulate cell regeneration, strengthen hair roots, protect from premature hair loss and the appearance of dandruff.


The shampoo is clear, almost colorless.
This means it should rinse well, creamy shampoos do a little worse with their main task. The consistency is homogeneous, thick, with no flecks or particles.
It smells very good, sweet, but not cloying. It has a fruity, floral scent, similar to a mid-range perfume. Not sophisticated, of course, but pleasant.

As for the consumption, for my length, one sachet was a tit for tit. It would be a lot on short ones, but it might not be enough on longer ones.

The product rinses out into a strong foam cap that doesn’t drip off my hands and doesn’t melt right away. It melts, but slowly.


Water, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, PEG-8, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerin, Urea, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, Cocamide MEA, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance, Sodium benzoate, Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Menthol, Salicylic acid, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, Butylene Glycol, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Gelatin, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Grape Seed Oil, Oat Seed Extract, Glycine, 1,2-hexanediol, serine, glutamic acid, hydrolyzed conm protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, Aspartic acid, Leucine, Ceramide 3, Alanine, Lysine, Arginine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Treonine, Valine, Isoleucine, Ceramide 1, Histidine, Cysteine, Methionine, Ceramide 2, Ceramide 4, Ceramide 6 (ll).

Active ingredients:


  • Fill strands with vitality and make them stronger, restore damaged areas, make hair shiny and silky.


  • Allantoin — softens, intensely moisturizes the skin, normalizes sebum production, has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritated skin.

Salicylic Acid

  • It exfoliates the dead skin cells and removes the excessive sebum secretion, thanks to which the epidermis renews itself very quickly. It easily penetrates sebaceous plugs and dissolves them, destroying bacteria and cleansing the skin.


  • Improves blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles, thereby stimulating hair growth, and also reduces the activity of sebaceous glands.

Because of the presence of salicylic acid in the shampoo can be classified as a special shampoo, not for daily use. It is not exactly a shampoo and not an exfoliator, but it can dry out the scalp.

The composition is great for oily hair, prone to quickly salinization and for thin hair. Why, I’ll explain below, as I describe my feelings.


Initial data.
My hair is thin, straight, lacking volume, as if «nailed» to my head. No frizz, no split ends, very little hair volume.

Dyed partially in the Airtouch technique, the length is dry. The roots are very oily, I wash my hair almost every day.

How I use / Feelings in the process
I tear open the bag and apply a small amount to wet hair. Masil 3 Salon is great foaming, the foam is soft as a cloud.

The shampoo rinses out well, I do not pour much water on it. And I must say that it copes with its main task perfectly. The hair is very clean from the first use, even if it was like greasy icicles before. No need to soap twice.

Relation to the length of the hair
That said, I was very pleased that Masil does not tangle the hair. In the process of washing it is immediately clear, the treatment of the hair length is gentle. But I use it together with Masil mask, in pair.

The hair is light, smooth, and untangled. When blow-drying, the hair hardly ever pulls out, brushes out perfectly.

Also the hair seems like there is more hair than there really is. The keratin in the product works and has a slight thickening effect.

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo - reviews


I will highlight the main pros and cons, but with the condition of using this shampoo NOT every day. I enjoyed using it intermittently.

  • Pros:
  • Great for rinsing oily hair.
  • Works on the scalp as a gentle exfoliation
  • Builds volume from the root
  • Does not dry out the lengths
  • Hair is airy but not frizz-free.
  • Slightly extends the clarity of the hair.

Also in the long term such a formula should have a good effect on the growth stimulation, but since I have not checked it myself, I can not assert.

So far, getting to know the brand makes me happy. I bought three products and all are great «in» my hair.


Makes hair crumbly and manageable


I am a fan of Korean cosmetics, and all Korean products in general. For the first time about a month ago I bought a sample of Masil CMC Shampoo and after testing it I decided to buy the full format.

Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo - reviews

The bottle itself is made of a non-standard red matte plastic. It has a cylindrical shape. It is quite easy and comfortable to hold in hands. The lid is round, closes very tightly and does not let the shampoo dry out.

The most important active ingredient of the shampoo is amino acids.
The consistency of the shampoo is thick, milky in color. It is economical in consumption. The foam during soaping is very fine, but there is a lot of it. I lather the shampoo in my hands, and after I apply it to the roots and run it through the lengths. I always rinse my hair 2 times. After rinsing, it feels a little cold on the scalp.

My hair is porous and wavy. I wash it every other day.
Thanks to this shampoo the freshness of my head really lasts for a long time.
It is good for removing frizz, gets rid of dandruff, greasiness. Great for oily hair. At the same time, the shampoo does not tangle the hair at all. Takes care of them. Makes hair very soft. And most importantly, it helps to quickly grow the length.
I recommend it to everyone!

9.8Expert Score
Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo

Ideal shampoo for travel and business trips.

  • Defeats hair loss
  • Mask-like hair structure
  • Restores the structure of the hair
  • Gives good volume
  • Gives a little shine to the hair
  • Moisturizes and nourishes
  • Cleanses the scalp well
  • Strengthens hair growth
  • No


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