AliExpress face and body massager “3d roller massager” – reviews

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

In the realm of self-care and beauty, AliExpress has become a go-to destination for innovative and affordable gadgets. One such intriguing device is the “3D Roller Massager.” This article delves into the reviews and insights surrounding this AliExpress gem.

Unboxing the 3D Roller Massager

What’s Inside?

AliExpress parcels have a certain magic about them. The unboxing experience of the 3D Roller Massager is no exception. Users share their excitement as they unveil this device and explore its components.

First Impressions

The initial encounter with the 3D Roller Massager sets the tone for users. From the design to the build quality, what are the first thoughts when this massager is in your hands?

Let’s break down all the points based on real reviews from buyers below.

Review: AliExpress face and body massager “3d roller massager” – Beauty tool or pampering?

4.5Expert Score
AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager"

  • Innovative design
  • The result is there with regular use
  • Did not look for

Greetings everyone!
Today I will tell you about an appliance that unexpectedly and very funny appeared in our house.
A little background. My friend Elena came to visit us. I have already told you about how we chose a new iron with her.

So here it is. She with a serious face (already intrigue!) said that she has a pleasant surprise for me.
It turned out that she had bought on AliExpress for herself and me devices that prolong youth, give pleasure and relaxation. This alone brought a smile to my face.

Then it turned out that it was a 3D massager. And for some reason my friend gave it the name “Two balls and a stick”. What were you thinking? She smiled and winked and I laughed. Of course, Elena couldn’t contain herself any longer either, and we were laughing together.

Dear friends, do not consider us frivolous and promiscuous. Remember: laughter prolongs life!
So, very solemnly (here you need the sound of fanfare)Elena extracts from her bag a white box, which looked like this.

3d roller massager from AliExpress

It turned out to be very decent and dignified.
Inside on a plastic backing was a roller massager for face and whole body called “3d massager” (made in China).

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

This device is designed to combat skin imperfections.
It is silver in color. Indeed, the design consists of a “wand” (this is the handle) and two rotating (360 degrees )balls.

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

A truly innovative design for a massager. But at the same time, the old-fashioned
mechanical (manual) control of this miracle device.
The massage tool is made of lightweight, safe plastic. There is no odor in the device.
Ergonomic streamlined handle.

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

It’s comfortable to hold in your hand.

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

On the handle there is a decorative element – a black detail, similar to a button, some kind of panel capable of absorbing solar energy.
Apparently, according to the manufacturer’s idea, it (after charging) should produce special micro currents. Here is how it is written on the packaging.

For the sake of interest, I put the massager on a “recharge” under powerful sunlight. I didn’t notice any difference. I think that this is just a manufacturer’s idea for a red word and interesting design.
Y-shape with two lymphatic drainage rollers.

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

These are such beautiful balls – rollers rotating 360 degrees. They are the main workers in this massager.

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

Let’s take a close look at the top of the device.
The triangular faces on the spheres and the distance between them are specially designed in a “V” shape (angle of 70 degrees) to achieve the effect of gripping and kneading the skin and muscles.

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

All of this helps to make the massage as effective and super enjoyable as possible.
How does it work?
Two round rollers, rotating, glide over the body, gripping the skin between them.

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

The movements should be soft and smooth, without jerks or strong pressure. The procedure is very pleasant and delicate. Even delicate and sensitive skin is not injured.
This device is convenient to do self-massage and massage different parts of the body.
On the box packaging, the manufacturer clearly explains how you can use this roller massager.
The pictures show the areas of the body and the directions in which to massage.
The device is suitable and convenient for massaging the neck, chin, face, chest, waist, arms, legs and other parts of the body.
Here are the instructions.

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

For example, for a relaxing neck massage.
Slowly and smoothly move the massager from the shoulders to the back of the head.

The armpit area. If it is necessary to eliminate fat deposits there.
Smoothly move the massager up and down.

Strengthen the pectoral muscles.
From the armpit area to the chest, smooth roller movements up and down.
And to tighten the pectoral muscles, gently and smoothly roll the massager from the base to the middle of the chest.

Waist correction
Guide the massager up and down along the curve line.
Started using this “toy” over the weekend.
I did self-massage three times a day for three minutes on the parts of my body where I thought my skin needed it.

On weekdays, no more than 1-2 times a day. To be honest, sometimes I just don’t have time or forget. I don’t use it regularly. And for nothing!

I like, for example, to watch a movie or read a book, and at the same time to drive these balls-spheres on the skin. It is very pleasant, light and soft massage.

It is important not to get carried away and not to get stuck on one place of your body. It may be unpleasant from so many movements. It will turn out to be “wanted as best as possible” to do for yourself, but “it turned out as always”. In general, do not overdo it with this massager!
Over time, you will realize what frequency of use you need.

Of course, you can massage not only yourself. By the way, this is on a side note!
If the skin is of the type “dry” or “sensitive”, it is desirable to apply a cosmetic care product on it before the massage.

If you work, for example, in an office and lead a sedentary lifestyle, it is likely that at the end of the working day sometimes feel like a broken cart. So to relieve discomfort and fatigue, you can give yourself a massage with this device.

The spheres of the massager with the help of special triangular edges rotate, scrolling over the body, grab the skin and literally knead it. A few minutes, and the miracle device will help to restore muscle tone, blood circulation will improve. A real relaxation! Pleasant sensations.

If you decide to massage the neck area, face, then, of course, it is best to remove earrings, chains, beads before working with a roller massager. It is recommended to collect hair, so that they do not interfere with the advancement of the skin massager, and did not get tangled in it. From this miracle – machine should be only positive emotions and pleasant sensations.

I first massage my face, and then, starting from the legs, I smoothly move towards the neck and chest. Ten to fifteen minutes is enough for the whole body.

Thanks to the reciprocating movements of the massager with rotating spheres, there is an active contraction of the musculoskeletal tissues, improves blood circulation, prevents / eliminates stagnation.
This roller massager with regular and proper use should help to get rid of such problems:

  • fuzzy facial oval;
  • skin laxity;
  • wrinkles;
  • “hound’s feet around the eyes.

Plus, using this rotating anti-cellulite tool helps to relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation in the massaged areas and even (slightly!) rejuvenate you. The main thing: do not be lazy, make rolling this roller device regularly. And, of course, believe in the result. Positive effect from the application is! Even if you do not see it on the skin, you will definitely calm the nervous system. Plus relaxation of the whole body. It is possible that all this is all pampering. Maybe!

And, seriously, with regular use of this 3D massager tighten facial muscles, wrinkles are reduced. The procedure itself is very pleasant plus a real lifting effect. I read that people even got rid of the second chin. About this I can not say anything, since I do not have it, fortunately.

What else can be improved with this rotating “toy”, except for a facelift?
Reduce the volume of calves and get rid of all the hated cellulite in the thighs and heel point.
Here is such a device “3d massager” for face and body gave me a friend. So far it works, not broken, the balls are spinning, fulfilling their purpose. Looks normal too.

AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager" - reviews

Bottom line

Roller lifting body massager “3d massager” allows me to easily and quickly perform kneading self-massage of various parts of the body. It’s a pity that I do it irregularly. Alas!
If used daily (at least ten minutes), this massager can tighten and prevent premature aging of the skin.

What other results can be noticed?

  • Improved blood circulation in the skin and muscles;
  • Relief of fatigue and swelling;
  • improved performance;
  • cellulite prevention;
  • improved muscle tone;
  • smoothness, elasticity and firmness of the skin;
  • figure modeling.

To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use chudl-device in combination with your favorite masks, creams or anti-cellulite products.
Looked at the site AliExpress these massagers. There are none of them! Different in size, color and, of course, the price! Prices from $2 and more. There are even with 4 rollers.
For relaxation and beauty I recommend!

Review: AliExpress Face and Body Massager “3d roller massager” – It doesn’t look like much.

4.5Expert Score
AliExpress face and body massager "3d roller massager"

  • Idea
  • Appearance
  • Doubtful..

Hello. By chance my wife found a miracle box with a 3D massager. The most interesting thing is that on the package no information in Russian. Had to look for information on the Internet. So accidentally stumbled on a branch with a review….
This massager is sold on the Internet site.
The packaging is bright and stylish.

3d roller massager - reviews

Inside is a beautiful metal shaped object. There is a decorative insert on one side that fits the overall style of the massager perfectly.

3d roller massager - reviews

The most important thing is that the massager itself has a cool shape with balls on the end. I can’t say whether it helps or not as a massager.
But there is something in it with a slight movement…

3d roller massager - reviews

I can offer as a house gift…

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