Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect hair dryer — reviews

Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect hair dryer - reviews

Drying long hair in half the time and without much damage to the hair? Easy!

Dry a meter of hair, in 8 minutes — Easy! Chic, powerful hair dryer without the hassle and damage to the hair. I’ll show you how to dry your hair properly + many detailed photos

General specifications:

Full name: ThermoProtect hair dryer

Model: HP8230/00

Name: Philips

Power: 2100W

Number of modes: 6

Kit: concentrator nozzle, instructions, warranty

Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect hair dryer - reviews
Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect hair dryer

Good day!

I hasten to say at once that certainly from any thermal drying hair suffer damage, but I personally noticed that the drying with a hair dryer, which will be discussed below, my hair is good … but as they say, we are all different.

So, to business. For a long time, about 10 years, I used a hair dryer firm Vitek, gave it to me for my birthday, it was a workhorse, serves faithfully, though it was not perfect, but served long and finally broke.

By the choice of a new hair dryer, I approached for a long time, I wanted to and dried well, and noiseless and without all the extra gimmicks and buttons, as I am not a professional in terms of styling, and I actually need the drying function and all.

After running around the stores, twirling in the hands of a dozen blow dryers of different brands and designs, I opted for this — Philips Hair Dryer HP8230 ThermoProtect.

Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect hair dryer - reviews
Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect

The hair dryer is quite large in size, not compact, and you can certainly take it with you on the road (put it in your suitcase with your things), but for such cases it is better to buy some other option. With all that, it is not heavy, the hand does not get tired while drying hair. The weight is about 550 grams.
The cord is about 1 meter and 80 cm long, enough for me to have this length, it is fixed so that a little rotation, allowing the cord to not be twisted.

The nozzle is the concentrator is like this, made of dark plastic.

It comes off with a screw movement quite easily, while holding firmly in place.

One of the pluses of my hair dryer is that there is a metal «grid», which screws on and closes the fan, so there is not sucked hair (I had a problem with my previous hair dryer, behind was a grid and almost every drying hair strand got there Sad )

On the handle of the hair dryer there are buttons to adjust the temperature and airflow rate, as well as a button for cold air blowing. With the right button you adjust the airflow rate, with the left button you can adjust the temperature. There are three temperature and three speed modes, I usually dry on neutral (both buttons in the middle).

The buttons are comfortable, easy to move, and do not interfere with holding the hair dryer in my hand.

There is a loop for hanging, I do not use it, but I think it is also very convenient.

Conclusion: The hair dryer is wonderful, beautiful, practical, almost noiseless, even at the highest speed, nothing superfluous, no fancy fuss and attachments. A real workhorse at home. The drying time of my hair (not thick, below shoulder length) takes 5 minutes, if very wet it’s no more than 7 minutes in neutral mode.

In addition, the appearance is very restrained, stylish, well, so it seems to me Smile.
Thank you for your attention!


I didn’t have a hair dryer and didn’t think I needed one, but once I did, I couldn’t imagine life without it. Styling, drying, and even drying the cat, all in one!

Hi all!

Quite recently I got a small, but so necessary helper at home! The hair dryer looks quite impressive.The hair dryer itself is quite big and heavy (you can feel the company). It has 2 speed modes and 2 temperature modes of medium and hot air, as well as the function of blowing hair with cold air to fix the styling. Very much like that you can set the temperature mode, which is more convenient.

The manufacturer states that this Philips HP8230/00 has ThermoProtect technology.

ThermoProtect technology ensures optimal drying temperatures and additional protection against overheating. Excellent results are achieved with the same airflow power, but in a more gentle way.

The power of this hair dryer makes me very happy. I have long thin hair, which this hair dryer literally in 5 minutes.

The only thing I don’t really like about this hairdryer is that it’s a little big for my little woman’s hand. If you even take it on the road, it takes up a lot of room in your bag. Which is not very convenient.

In 2 years of use (I’ve been using it for 2 years), it fell on the floor several times. But it has remained intact and healthy. Immediately visible that the material from which this hair dryer is made durable and of good quality.
So, who needs a good, powerful, high quality hair dryer, take it will not regret it. This brand speaks for itself.

I highly recommend it for purchase. It does its job on 5 stars.
Bye everyone.


Beauty and power complete with ionization).

Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect hair dryer - reviews
Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect hair dryer

In our modern world it is very difficult to imagine a woman who does not have a hair dryer in her arsenal of household appliances.

Hair dryer can save time, help to make a beautiful styling and even change the curls into straight hair, or vice versa.

I’m not talking about the fact that in addition to their direct purpose, hair dryers are used at home in order to dry other things that have nothing to do with hair.

I have long wanted to upgrade my basically good hair dryer for another one, very much I wanted to have a hair dryer with ionization effect.

Ionization in the hair dryer is a property of the action on the hair of negatively charged ions, which promises a positive effect. These ions-particles, getting on the hair, almost negate the harmful effects of hot air, but they in no way contribute to the restoration of hair or its treatment.

Plus, the damage from drying hair with a hair dryer with ionization is minimized even with prolonged use, thanks to this function is the prevention of overdrying and dehydration of hair, hair looks more shiny and healthy.

I have looked at many reviews and ratings, I wanted a powerful, reliable and affordable.

As a result, my choice fell on the hair dryer Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect, by the way, it is in the top ten hair dryers in many selections in different sources, taken from the Internet.

Packed in a cardboard box of impressive size.

The package includes two nozzles at once — the concentrator and diffuser, as basically the diffuser is rarely found in the package of non-professional hair dryers.
The concentrator nozzle has a very narrow (11mm) shape, thanks to this air flow is more precisely hits a certain part of the hair during styling.

The diffuser is super, it has a slightly curved shape, which naturally makes it easier to style. In addition to the plastic, it has rubber fingers that massage the scalp while drying, and we all know how beneficial this procedure is for the vitality of our hair and scalp. The diffuser creates real volume and curls.

There are threads on the front part where the nozzles are put on for a tighter fit, I have never had a case of them coming off, they fit like flush, even you have to apply force to remove one of the nozzles. Inside is a ceramic heating element, which creates a soft protective heat and prolongs the life of the device.

The air intake filter has a removable grid, which is very convenient for cleaning it, which is better to do regularly in order to avoid the accumulation of hair and dust, which reduces the efficiency of drying. Personally, after almost three months of use, these accumulations are hardly noticeable.

To the disadvantages I would include not very long cord (1.8 m), with such a particularly not going around the apartment, but also to stand chained to one place too will not have, at the base the cord is not twisted, and this can lead to breakage, but if you use the device carefully, you can avoid this.
Summarizing all of the above, I can say with certainty that this is a really worthy hair dryer, it’s powerful (medium thick hair can dry in a couple of minutes), it’s beautiful, comfortable handle that does not slip and functions that are — really work. The noise is average, cools quickly, the weight is not heavy 600 grams, my hand does not have time to get tired.

For the price it is a great option, I am very satisfied.

By the way its average price ranges around 3500 rubles, I took it on Ozona, where it often gets discounts, but they quickly run out).


Powerful hair dryer that does not damage the hair, and most importantly — there is a cold stream, not a semblance of it!

Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect hair dryer - reviews
Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect hair dryer

Hi all!

For me, a hair dryer is practically the most important thing in hair care, as I really love lush curls and volume at the roots.

It was very important to me that the hair dryer had a powerful cold blowing function. The cold air doesn’t mess up my hair and it is possible to style it with a powerful stream only. Looking for a decent hair dryer for a long time, and now I can proudly say that Philips HP8230/00 ThermoProtect — just a perfect budget assistant in the styling, I had not yet better).

If you are looking for your hair dryer, here from the bottom of my heart, just recommend, believe me, which lies idle for 4 failed purchase) The price is quite adequate, you can find from 1400 to 1800 rubles, I bought in a network of stores DNS for 1600. Ozon and WildBerries are cheaper, but I decided not to risk the money and take it where they will accept the warranty, if anything.

PHILIPS HP8230 hair dryer is a real find for those who care about their hair. The high power of the device (2100 W) allows you to dry even the thickest and longest strands quickly. This model is equipped with independent control of air flow rate and temperature, which helps to choose the best mode for different types of hair. The presence of a special concentrator nozzle provides an opportunity to get almost salon style. The device is characterized by a long wire (1.8 m), which provides comfortable, unhindered use. PHILIPS HP8230, comparable to professional appliances, is an indispensable helper for creating an elegant look or everyday drying your hair, preserving its beauty and health.


In general, the very first time I dried my hair I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. The power of 2100 watts — it turns out, is strong) Do not even need more. Long thick hair on a simple hot mode can be dried for 2-3 minutes.

The hair dryer has three basic modes and two flow speeds. The first mode — the weak warm air, blows so-so. The second mode is able to add volume and dry your hair instantly (the second mode is gentle, it does not burn). The third is the most powerful and strong.

But I would like to tell about the cold stream. I use the cold air button every time I dry my hair, it blows out exactly the same cold air! The hair dryer feels like it is blowing cool, powerful air which does not mess up my hair at all. It takes about 4-5 minutes to dry my hair (it is long and thick), and the best part is that it has even more volume and volume than a classic hot air drying. I just blow dry my curls with my head down, paying special attention to the roots. I haven’t tried it on a brushing, as my hair is pretty straight without any additional styling.

And one more important point. After styling my hair it is not fluffy and sticking out in different directions, but it is voluminous, the ends are neat and elastic. If my hair is not frizzy and has normal hair type, I don’t need a curling iron or a curling iron after drying my PHILIPS hair dryer.

After PHILIPS HP8230 drying, hair remains lively, soft and very shiny, no dryness, straws and sections. At the moment, I have been using the hair dryer for over 7 months, and I can say that my hair has only gotten better. The previous hair dryer was drying out even on cold mode.

My hair dryer is not very quiet because of the power, but I can forgive the result, which I get in the end.) For comparison, the professional hair dryers of the same power are much quieter.

The result

A great, coolest, budget-friendly hair dryer. If it breaks, I will not hesitate to buy it again.) But I hope that PHILIPS HP8230 will serve for many more years.


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