Yves Rocher Facial Night Cream / Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Cream-Comfort for youthful skin — reviews

Yves Rocher Facial Night Cream / Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Cream-Comfort for youthful skin - reviews

Even if you are a little over thirty, Yves Rocher will help you rejuvenate 🙂 Incredible texture — a sea of pleasure!

Yves Rocher Facial Night Cream - reviews

Hello everyone!

The cream that I’m buying for the second time is definitely worthy of a review! Meet Yves Rocher’s Anti-Age Global Night Cream for Youthful Skin!

This is an updated series, previously the cream was in a similar package, but in a silver design. I would like to note right away that I like the new version better:

  • A lighter texture
  • The scent is not so obtrusive and more natural.

The cream on the official website costs 2290 rubles (this is without stocks and discounts, you can buy cheaper).

The volume is 50 ml.

The Anti-Age Global series also includes a day cream (I had a trial), concentrate against age spots (I use it), eye cream (everything would be good if not for the packaging with a balloon roller), multi-active lotion and serum-corrector for youthful skin (I would love to try the last two).

Manufacturer’s Description :

Corrects all signs of aging and soothes skin
Thanks to the Skin Youthfulness Cream-Comfort, your skin’s radiance is restored and your facial features are sharper* from the very first wake-up. Wrinkles and lines are instantly reduced. Day after day, your skin becomes tighter and firmer. The formula is enriched with Plant Nectar, which has the unique ability to regenerate the skin.
Its advantage: its light melting texture instantly and permanently soothes and regenerates the skin.
Proven efficacy:Wrinkles** reduced in 95% of women, skin firmer*** in 90% of women.

The cream is positioned as an anti-aging cream, but there is no age limit. And it is true, I personally did not see anything potent in the composition, only plant extracts.

Yves Rocher Facial Night Cream / Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Cream-Comfort for youthful skin - reviews

Here’s the lineup in a more convenient version:

HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SEED OIL (масло семян подсолнечника)
ЭКСТРАКТ ЯБЛОЧНОГО ФРУКТА (экстракт плодов яблони)
XANTHAN GUM (Ксантановая камедь)

Fragrance. A rich honeyflower scent that stays on my face for a long time. I prefer lighter fragrances, but this one does not cause rejection. And somehow it blends well with the design and organoleptics of the cream, immediately associating it with a floral Nectar…

Texture. This is the main plus of the cream! It is thick, but at the same time light, airy, like whipped cream. It’s not greasy at all, but it’s saturated. It melts on your skin and gives you nutrition.

My skin absorbs a lot of it, no matter how much I apply, and it never gets greasy (my skin is normal, closer to combi in summer). There is no feeling of a film, but there is a softness and nourishment of the skin.

The texture is really luxurious and «expensive,» if I may say so.

Action on the skin.

  • It soothes and nourishes. The skin afterwards is very soft.
  • It’s not greasy. It’s intended for all skin types, and I think it is, it really works.
  • As for the anti-aging effect. It’s hard to say. I’m 34 years old, no deep wrinkles. I struggle with mimic ones with botulinum toxin injections. More worried about the loss of density and elasticity of the skin. Here the cream helps a little — in the morning the face looks fresh, with an even complexion. No puffiness or «wrinkles.

No miracles like an instant lift or smoothing of wrinkles, but a fresh, well-groomed appearance.
What can I add? I’ll show you the before and after photos — no film or greasy shine.

The anti-aging effect is hard to track, because I have a lot of skin care products in my arsenal, and each one has some effect. But the cream definitely works! In the morning I look really relaxed in the mirror, not every cream has that effect.

One more thing about texture. One morning, I reached for the jar of Anti-Age Night Cream and put it on my face. I did not wash it off, so I put on my makeup and it was great! It didn’t float or melt!

The Anti-Age day cream was in the trial, it felt lighter and scented like it wasn’t as intense as the night cream.


  • Not a bad composition with oils and extracts.
  • Divine texture! Melting, nourishing, soft, non-greasy!
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Glass jar.
  • Suitable for all skin types and almost all ages (except the very young, perhaps).
  • It makes my skin soft, fresh and relaxed. The effect is visible!
  • It absorbs quickly, without being greasy or sticky.


  • The fragrance is quite strong.
  • It is not worth waiting for a powerful rejuvenating effect.
  • Not the most budget
  • Kind of described everything 🙂 A very nice cream to look at!

Be happy and loved! ❤️


✨Yves Rocher is becoming a favorite of mine. The night cream comfort for youthful skin is very good. Nuances of use, to whom it is suitable. Best time of year to use🌞

Hello, dear readers!

Recently I have become very fond of Yves Rocher products. When I order, I always get a compliment from the brand.

Yves Rocher Facial Night Cream

The Yves Rocher / Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Face Cream-Comfort for youthful skin was paired with the day cream as a gift back in winter. But it’s a good thing I did not use it in winter. This cream is definitely not for the cold season.


♠ The fragrance of the cream is rich, floral, a little with a perfume touch. According to my perception, it smells like an expensive cream from the noughties, the fragrance is very pleasant, although I adhere to the opinion that good cosmetics should not have saturated fragrances;

♠ The consistency of whipped cream, not runny, holds its shape. It is non-greasy, it does not matte the skin but it has a matte texture. After application, the finish on the skin is not wet and not shiny, but a little matte;

♠ The cream has a pleasant milky shade.


I bought this cream for winter, from the reviews and description it seemed pretty thick and oily to me. I use it in the evening after cleansing, sometimes solo, sometimes over a serum. It spreads easily, does not sink in, absorbs quickly and does not clash with other products. It is absolutely non-greasy, saturating and nourishing to some extent. That is why my consumption is not economical, I apply quite a good portion to my face and neck. My skin literally eats it up. On the other hand, I like that I do not have to wait for it to be absorbed and feel a layer of cream on my skin. I have combination skin, transitioning to drier skin in the winter. For me, this cream would be more suitable for the off-season.

The skin in the morning is rested, pores are smoothed out, and my complexion is even. On the whole, my face looks refreshed and well-groomed, although there is no global effect of the cream on it. In spite of its imperfections, I enjoy using the Anti-Age Global night cream.

This year I have so far avoided excessive dryness and flakiness of the skin, here it is unlikely to cope. It is for such cases that I buy products with rich and oily textures for the winter.


✅ The cream is not greasy and absorbs quickly;

✅ It spreads easily and does not roll on the skin;

✅ Gives firmness and elasticity to the skin;

✅ The skin is soft and velvety;

✅ Moisturizes the skin;

✅ Does not clog pores;

✅ Pleasant fragrance;


❌ Not a very comfortable can shape;

❌ Without stock, the price is overpriced;


The Yves Rocher / Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global night face cream was not what I wanted, but I loved it insanely. For me it became a product that is just pleasant to use, gives minimal care to my skin in winter, at other times of the year it might have been more suitable and impressed. I will not buy it again, but if Yves Rocher will give it as a gift for a purchase, I will definitely take advantage of this offer. The cream is basic and versatile, in my opinion, with an age limit of 25-40 years.


The cream is wonderful, but I don’t think it will work for everyone.

I liked the Yves Rocher anti-aging global face cream in a glass jar much better than the eye cream from the same series.

Yves Rocher Night Cream
Yves Rocher Facial Night Cream — reviews

The jar of cream is made of glass, as in most creams of this manufacturer, but this glass is frosted, and the cream is very pleasant to hold in your hands.

The texture of the cream is rich, thick, but not greasy and not sticky.

The cream contains few fragrances, its fragrance is gentle and almost imperceptible on the skin, and I really like it. The cream is easy to apply to the skin, after applying it the skin feels really smooth, without a feeling of tightness.
Unfortunately, this feeling is temporary, and the wrinkles don’t go anywhere. It is not possible to get dramatically younger with the face cream.
Yes, the skin looks pretty well-groomed afterwards.
At the expense of the dense texture of the cream is economical enough (I use it for a few months).

It contains a lot of natural extracts and oils.

 Facial Night Cream
Yves Rocher Facial Night Cream — reviews

The cream did not cause any allergies.

And the face in the morning does not bear an excessive greasy sheen, that is, the cream is well absorbed.

The disadvantages for me are the following:

  1. The price of the cream is not very budgetary.
  2. 2. In my observations, the cream slightly clogs pores, and probably will not be very suitable for problem skin. In any case, the procedure of cleansing my face of black dots when using this cream should be carried out more often, perhaps the onset of heat, but the fact remains. But my skin is combination skin, inclined to greasiness. Perhaps for dry skin the cream will be ideal.

For everyday anti-aging care, the cream is good, but I think that the cream is not for the summer season. In summer I want a lighter texture and moisturizing.

And the cream is unlikely to save from existing wrinkles, but it will help to maintain the skin in a decent condition with the Yves Rocher Anti-age Global cream.


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