IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press/teapot — reviews

IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press/teapot - reviews

Do you like your coffee with thick milk foam?! Now you can make it at home without a coffee machine. My personal «barista» French press from IKEA

♥♥♥♥ Good day everyone! ♥♥♥♥

I want to share with you an impression of my quite a long time ago purchase…

More than 2 years ago I bought a french press UPHETTA in IKEA. And I was not mistaken! I am very happy with my purchase. In general I really like products from this store for their quality, functionality and appearance.

IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press teapot - reviews
UPHETTA French press at IKEA

I’ll tell you more about my French press or simply the UPHETTA teapot…

MATERIALS. Plastic (very good quality), glass and stainless steel.

THE SIZE. This product does not have a flashy bright coloring so, will go well with any modern style of your kitchen.

IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press teapot
IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press teapot

Since the teapot itself was bought quite a long time ago, I honestly don’t remember how it was packed, but in IKEA it usually happens so… I saw it, took it, packed it in paper on the way out so it wouldn’t break =D and happy with the purchase you go home…

But my review is not about how beautiful it was, etc., but that it serves me well.

VOLUME: 1 liter.

And now I would like to tell you about its INSTANT USE!

If you are a fan of coffee with a foam like in a restaurant, but you can not buy a coffee machine, then French press in your home is a must.

Nescafe cup

To make it you will need:

  • Chilled milk or liquid cream (the fattier the milk product, the firmer the foam);
  • coffee (instant or brewed);
  • Additives to taste: sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, crushed peanuts or almonds, ground chili pepper (but this is an admirable), vanilla or vanilla sugar, etc. All additives are to your liking, but I recommend adding no more than 2 ingredients, we want to embellish the taste of the coffee, not drown it out.
  • A nice cup, glass or mug for coffee;
IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press/teapot - reviews

Pour cooled milk or cream into the glass container of a French press, hold the handle and dip the rod into the liquid and with frequent translational movements lather it to the desired consistency for 10-15 seconds.

IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press
IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press

Leaving the stem in the position of full pressure in our glass / cup / mug with ready coffee pour our foam. We sprinkle cinnamon and vanilla sugar on top (well, everyone is guided by his/her own taste). Our beautiful drink is ready! You can enjoy it.

IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press teapot - reviews

P.S.: if you want to add hot pepper or nutmeg, it is best to make coffee with these ingredients initially, rather than pouring them on the foam, spare your sponges ))


I have 2.5% milk from the fridge. You can see that its volume has increased by more than half.

How to whip milk in a French press
How to whip milk in a French press


This teapot has stuck with me. You can find it at any IKEA store. Here’s a link to FRENCH PRESS

A friend has been buying the kettle in the nearest stores for 3 years now, and they are cracked by heat, the handles break, the strainer is deformed.

Now I plan to give her the same teapot for the New Year, I am sure she will like this gift.

And congratulations on the New Year!!! HAVE A GREAT SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!!!

9.3Expert Score
IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press/teapot — reviews

I recommend this universal brewer for lovers of real tea (not tea bags with tea dust) and ground coffee (not instant surrogate)! The price is affordable, the quality is decent, the thing is great!

  • I'll start by saying that this teapot can be washed in the dishwasher, but can not be placed on a hot stove or left in a hot oven (although the glass is heat-resistant, but the plastic can not say that). The handle is fastened firmly and does not twist on the kettle (and believe me that happens and can end in burns). It is also very convenient that the lower part is removable, you can (a little effort) to remove it and wash a good kettle. The large volume allows you to gather a large company for a cup of tea/coffee or organize long get-togethers with girlfriends.
  • I don't know if you can call it a minus at all, but still… On the filter of my French press after repeated use, a dark deposit has formed, which cannot be cleaned with a sponge with the product, well, it is more like a deposit from tea on a mug, which is difficult to clean. But this problem can be solved by more radical ways. E.g.: you can put pieces of aluminum foil in a glass container, pour baking soda and pour boiling water over it while lowering the iron part of the pressure rod. VOILA! The filter is clean again! (But I rarely do such procedures, because I'm lazy ))

An indispensable device in the kitchen 🔥

Experience: A few days

Ikea continues to please — I’m already beginning to appreciate «their» approach to production. Maximum compliance with the quality of their price, but at the same time keeping the bar a little higher than average. Bravo.

An absolutely similar pressed kettle can be found at Smashing Prices and similar small retailers. It’s even cheaper there, but — the walls will be thinner, the volume less.

Here is an honest liter and wall thickness like a bracket for an LCD TV.

IKEA UPHETTA coffee press teapot - reviews
IKEA UPHETTA coffee press teapot — reviews

There is no nice box — unnecessary hassle during production. So deliver))). By the way really strong-thick glass.
The steel bezel adds style and thickness. Srih small, but nice.
The lid is clearly not a toy. You know there is a plastic, which by its look and tactile, directly screams «I 💩»… There’s no such thing here.

IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press/teapot - reviews
IKEA UPHETTA coffee press/teapot

The press mesh is made on the principle of a gland — the edges are reinforced with rod. Cheap and sulphuric. And it works.

IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press/teapot - reviews
IKEA UPHETTA coffee press/teapot

It is mega easy to clean — no tea pots get stuck in the gaps. Have already brewed several times — everything is okay.

IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press/teapot - reviews
IKEA UPHETTA coffee press/teapot

Instead of a liter beer mug, you can also👇

IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press/teapot - reviews
IKEA UPHETTA coffee press/teapot
How to make a drink in a French press
Step 1
We’ll sprinkle tea, weed, self-collection, or maybe some coffee.
Step 2
I usually do these things by eye… It makes the results more interesting.
Step 3
Poured over the bottom edge of the iron rim.
Step 4
Put the lid on.
Spep 5
Waited a while…
Step 6
Moved the press back and forth… And after the magic, I poured my drink into a cup, thick and without any teas…

9.4Expert Score
IKEA UPPHETTA coffee press

I recommend this thing. The volume is good. Keeps the tea liquids out of the mug. And it’s easy to clean.

  • Easy to strain
  • Handle does not heat up
  • Plastic bottom
  • Right size
  • You can see the birth of the drink
  • Great price
  • No disadvantages


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