IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan — reviews

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - review

A set of pans from Ikea: inexpensive but of high quality? What should I expect from inexpensive kitchen utensils? Who can I recommend such utensils?

1 month or more experience

I’ve been looking at the Cavalcade frying pan set from Ikea for a long time. I was confused by the price of $30 for two pans.
I have one $150 frying pan, and there are two? And with Teflon coating?
It seemed to me that the Cavalcade from Ikea is a kind of cookware from the Fix-Price store: it looks beautiful, but if you touch it, it breaks/deforms/splits.

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - reviews
IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan — reviews

But my curiosity took over and I ordered the pans. I can’t say that I regretted it, because the amount of money I spent on them was not so substantial, but I was more disappointed in the truthfulness of the reviews. The women either wrote the reviews before they started using the pans, or they were dishonest.

And those reviews that do describe the flaws and nuances of the pans are hanging out somewhere at the bottom of the branch.

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - reviews
IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan — reviews

The pans are made of aluminum. Thanks to this, the heat is distributed evenly and responds faster to temperature changes.

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - reviews

Products really do not stick, do not stick to the pan.
The pans use a durable non-stick coating Teflon classic.
It’s easy to clean, it’s easy to turn food.
In order to turn the food, you need to use only silicone or wooden accessories.
The pans can be used on a gas stove, on a glass ceramic hob, as well as on a cast iron hob.


I have a gas stove and it is almost impossible to use a small skillet. For some reason, it’s the handle that burns on it, regardless of whether or not the pan is on a small flame or is placed on the center of the burner.
There is no visible damage to the handle! But the smell of burning rubber mixed with acetone can be heard as soon as the pan was on the stove.
And it stinks not only the handle, but the whole pan and the food on it.


The small skillet is 20 cm in size. It can be used to bake pancakes and heat a small portion of something.

The large frying pan is 26 cm and there is more room for imagination.

This is a standard frying pan on which you can prepare a huge number of dishes.

But it also has a disadvantage. For some reason, it is on it the oil drips down the sides, and in the center does not remain. The stove is set flat, none of my frying pans have this, there is only on the IKEA KAVALKAD pan.


The manufacturer insists that Cavalcade pans can only be washed by hand with a mild detergent.

Handwashing did not remove the fierce smell from the handle, so I washed the pan in the dishwasher.

Then I washed a second pan as well. And now I only wash them in the dishwasher all the time. There were no problems with the coating. No food sticking or scratches.

And if they do, it will be an incentive to buy new pans of normal quality.

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - reviews

The lid of the STABILLE 24 cm dia. fits for the biggest frying pan.
I did not buy the lid separately, I use the ones I have: 25 and 26 cm.

The handle has a hole and if you like the look of kitchen utensils hanging in plain sight, then both pans can be hung on the rail.

But at the moment the IKEA KAVALKAD set costs $30. For such a price you can buy even one, but a more decent one.


The best budget pans I’ve ever had! I recommend them to everyone I know. More on the pros and cons in the review

Experience: Six months or more

All a huge hello!

These pans are from the inexpensive range in the IKEA store. They are $30 in the set.


They have a fairly thick bottom, so when cooking, the pan fits tightly to the surface of the stove and heats the food evenly. This is a huge plus for me, as I bought an even cheaper skillet at IKEA for about $15 rubles and it skewed the first day.

I usually use the CAVALCAD to make soup roasts and pancakes. The pan is lightweight and has a comfortable handle that fits well in the hand. The handle does not get hot during cooking.

The coating does not come off even after six months of use. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that you should use only wooden, plastic or silicone spatulas, no iron instruments. On the surface appear only very small, superficial scratches.

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - reviews

The third advantage is their price. I can say that these are the best budget pans I have ever had in my entire life.

The food doesn’t burn. But I always cook with oil. Also, the food does not stick to the surface of the pan.

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - reviews

CAVALCADE washes well, but in cold water you are unlikely to do it, especially if you cook in oil. It is better to turn on hot water and give it a good scrubbing with a sponge and soapy water.

As a small disadvantage can be attributed to the non-removable handles. But they can be unscrewed. Also, the small frying pan has a loose handle over time. I use the small CAVALCAD for scrambled eggs with 2 eggs.

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - reviews

Despite the disadvantages, I recommend these pans to everyone to try!


A budget skillet from Ikea for $30. Better not to move it away from the center of the stove burner

Hi all! I bought two Kavalcade pans at once in Ikea on sale for $30. The price was overly attractive, and the pan seemed to be of sufficient quality. I took two of the same ones, 24 cm in diameter. They are light in weight, only 500 grams each, which is very convenient for delicate lady’s hands, not used to lifting heavy things. By the way, Kavalcade pans with a diameter of 20, 26, 28 are also on sale at low prices.

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - reviews

At first I was very happy with my bargain purchase, until some time later, I accidentally moved it in the process of cooking away from the center of the burner of the glass-ceramic hob. At first I did not even understand where such a disgusting smell was coming from, then I saw that the handle of the pan was slightly smoky, the plastic was melting and smelled so that it was suffocating.

I also tried a second pan, but on a gas stove. If you cook on high heat, immediately there is an odor. On a gas stove, the center is harder to find, so you can immediately move the handle away from the fire.
These were my first pans from Ikea, before that I had many pans from different stores with plastic handles, expensive and not so expensive, and not one I bothered with so much.

But I must give credit, the dishes on Ikea pans are delicious, everything is well fried, nothing sticks or burns (if, of course, to remove from the stove in time).

IKEA KAVALKAD frying pan - reviews

The frying pan is very easy to clean, do it by hand with a soft sponge. It is also undesirable to leave an empty frying pan on a hot stove, so as not to damage the non-stick coating.

The bottom line is that I do not recommend to buy such a frying pan, if you don’t «aim» properly, the smell of melted plastic will absolutely ruin your appetite. You know where the cheese is free…

7.5Expert Score

To summarize, I can only recommend pans of this quality if you are very tight on funds at the moment. Or have just moved to a new place of residence and you need pans no matter what, the main thing is the price.

  • Cheap
  • Low weight
  • You can save space during storage
  • Convenient
  • Easy to clean
  • No heat on the handle
  • Does not stick
  • Oil drips down the sides
  • Stinky handles
  • Handles are not removable
  • Small frying pan has a loose handle
  • Scratches the bottom of the glass ceramic surface


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