Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire — review

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

Our yorkie is 9 years old! All the + and -‘s I’ve encountered during that time. Details about character and dealing with children, and why this breed is a great choice for allergy sufferers!

Hello, dear readers!

I want to share a piece of my heart with you and tell you about my beloved doggie, who is about to turn 9 years old.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire

Why did I choose the Yorkshire Terrier?

Despite the fact that it is a dog, it goes to the litter box, like a cat. That is, in a heavy rain it will not be necessary to go for a walk outside. Also, the dog is small in size and I thought it was perfect for the apartment!

When we had our little one, she looked exactly like this⤵. Is it possible not to fall in love with this baby?

The house had been prepared for her arrival:

  • a lodge;
  • tray;
  • water bowl;
  • food bowl;
  • toys
  • leash and collar;
  • clothing for walks;
  • a comb and bows for tying ponytails.

Now I also always have a flea and tick repellent.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire

I remember reading the reviews and articles on the Internet, weighing the pros and cons, thinking who better to choose: a Pomeranian Spitz or a Yorkshire Terrier. I settled on the second option and had no idea how much it was the right decision.

The thing is that over time I became allergic and now I can not tolerate no dust or hair. And Yorkshire terriers don’t shed at all! That’s a huge plus for me!

The Yorkshire Terrier is a long-haired breed and has no undercoat. This means that they hardly ever shed. Their hair is similar to human hair in that it grows constantly and rarely falls out (only when brushed or damaged). Because of their coat structure, Yorkies are less likely to cause allergies in humans.

Since they have no undercoat, in cold weather, going outdoors, the dog must be dressed. It is not only for beauty, but first of all for health.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

Hair care and haircuts

Yes, yes, we need to constantly get haircuts, because the «hair» of the dog grows quickly. But I don’t see anything negative about it, on the contrary, grooming is an excuse for me to get creative.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

My master and I come up with new haircuts every time, we have fun. Besides, it’s much more convenient than constantly brushing out long locks. Moreover, we do not participate in competitions, we do not attend exhibitions. Also the dog needs to be washed and then dried with a hair dryer.

I was accustomed to the litter box

It was a long and difficult process. I tried everything! Both the stick and the carrot.

  • I even tried cat litter, which amused my Businka a lot. She played with it and spread it all over the apartment, but crapped everywhere.
  • Tried to get her used to doing things outside. And it worked! But at the same time at home she still crapped and did not even think to whine or somehow report that she wanted something.
  • The best option for us was a flat brown litter box and a disposable diaper (photo in quote).

However, if suddenly the door was closed even for 5 minutes or the litter box at the wash, the dog will not suffer, will poop where he stands and is not ashamed.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire

Nutrition and health

In our case, directly related to each other. For a long time we ate both specialized food and ordinary food (except for chicken, it never went), and special canned food for yorkies.

But then Businka began to vomit from any food except dry food. The doctor’s verdict was gastritis, so no other food but the usual food.

I watch it closely, because one little bite of «other» food and that’s it!

Commands and games

Of course, after the German Shepherd Yorker seems unencumbered by intelligence. Sheepdog will understand everything at the sight of the owner and immediately comply, but the Yorker can be long and hard to explain. Nevertheless, we have learned some things. Sometimes we sit and sometimes lie down, sometimes give us a paw, but we always serve, and the command «Voices!» we do with great pleasure and always flawlessly.

Our favorite toy is a ball.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire

Bead loves to run after the ball, she always brings it back quickly and waits to be thrown to her again.

Interaction with children

Many people say that yorkies begin to behave badly when children appear in the family: mean, jealous, in no way accept the little ones. Perhaps I was lucky. But I was not. Businka is kind to children, she pulls their toys and offers them hers. For example, she brings her favorite ball to play with (even brought a 2-month-old baby, she is funny). She supports children’s games, but sometimes she gets tired.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire


Again, not to be compared to our German Shepherd, who didn’t play or eat all week while her owner was gone. She just sat there looking at the door. It’s very heartbreaking.

Well the yorkie has no complications! It’s fed, it’s not abused, and that means it’s doing great! And who exactly does it, it doesn’t matter that much. We had no problem leaving her with relatives while we were away. However, I can’t say that the doggie isn’t attached to her owner or doesn’t love him at all.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review


Before, I would have said it was definitely not about her. But as time went on (she got old and mean) I noted a couple of situations. For example, the dog wanted to sleep on the master bed, and she, the star, was being carried by a child to a house made specifically for her out of pillows. She ran away, and he followed her again. In the morning by his bed, where he usually puts his feet when he wakes up, she took a shit. Revenge for all her wrongs!

About character and behavior

In character she is kind, sociable, friendly, friendly. For a long time did not bark at all, only after an appropriate command. Never bit anyone. In all 9 years never chewed shoes or furniture. What I like very much, does not have abundant salivation.

She is as happy to every passerby in the street as she is to her owner. And here is a good place to mention one disadvantage — for me it is that the dog really likes people. Yes, you read that right.

She walks down the street, hears a bunch of compliments, everyone asks to pet her, praises her. Comes home with overrated self-esteem and starts immediately shitting, climbing on tables, etc., well, a star can! Of course, this passes after she scolded. But the fact remains that too much attention is not good for her.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire

Conclusion: The doggie requires attention and care like a real child, but for me it is not difficult and it is worth it! Of course, he is sad if he is left alone (but in our house he is more happy when there is a moment of peace and quiet, two children, after all).

If you often have no one at home, it is better to get a cat, which is by itself (although it needs attention). After all, you need to soberly assess their strengths and take into account all possible nuances. We are responsible for those we have tamed!


The most loyal creatures in the world!!! + photo!!!!!! For allergic people!

Hello all! I have had my little girl since 2014 (now 2018). I thought for a long time, you can say I was going to get my Yorkie for more than six months. The fact that I am a terrible allergic person with fits of choking (in short seriously). I was advised by friends, get yourself a yorkie, will be a dog for the soul, also no allergies. But then I did not believe it. As fate would have it, I met people who had a Yorkie at home. Yes, yes))) I was called as that the guests, I came and started my test drive on the use of York Allergy)))) I had a lot of fun with this cute creature (about 3-4 hours). In comparison, with a regular cat, I can spend no more than 20 minutes without allergy symptoms. After that, another six months passed and I made up my mind. I got my yorochka. Very affectionate girl. Eats dry food, goes to the diaper. The sweetest creature. After the appearance of my first yorochka, my mother wanted such a dog. And now we have two Yorkies. Boy and girl) Get yourself a Yorkshire Terrier, they are very cute. Only if you have time to doya them, they poorly tolerate loneliness. Ask questions, I will tell you everything.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

Yorkshire Terrier is not just a breed, not just a dog, but a full-fledged member of our family. Kind, affectionate, loyal, inquisitive and very brave. Love with all our heart and soul. ❤️❤️❤️

To be honest, I didn’t plan to write a review about my pet at all. But I decided to dedicate it to my affectionate and loyal pet, a Yorkshire Terrier named MOSHA (boy).

In 2013 I really wanted a dog, I do not know where I got this desire. I wanted a yorkie, even wrote about it more than once in my social networks, looked at pictures on the Internet and visualized, as if I already have a faithful friend.

For my birthday in 2015 my wish came true, my husband gave me such a gift. I was very happy, I remember our first meeting with him, how tiny he was. He was sitting in a box, in the car in the back seat. When he saw me, he immediately climbed up into my arms, put his muzzle into my elbow bend and fell asleep. It was love at first sight and first touch.

Mosenka was born on July 25, 2015, and came into our family on September 10, 2015. He was one month and two weeks old, he was just a wee baby.

I had no time to prepare for the arrival of the new member of our family. Good thing my husband bought diapers on the way. Our baby was very bright and from the first day went about his business only in a diaper. We allocated a soft little pad for him to sleep on.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

The first week I had to sleep on the floor, because he was squeaking a lot at night. And he wouldn’t let anyone sleep. I was afraid to take him to bed with me, that he would fall down. He lay down to sleep over my shoulder by my neck and he slept much better that way. Over time, our baby grew up, and the habit of sleeping with me remained, but we were already sleeping on the bed)

We fed Mosya only natural food (I know that many people are against it) from the first days I started to cook him soup from a small piece of veal with vegetables. His appetite was very good, he ate everything) and fresh cabbage, and raw carrots (I gave them especially for teeth) and buckwheat.

Since we got the puppy early, we had to vaccinate him ourselves, or rather take him to the vet ourselves. My husband convinced that we should be vaccinated by his friend dog breeder, who does vaccinations at home. But the fact that her house is far from ours, so the road took about 30 minutes one way. But before vaccination it is necessary to carry out a deworming procedure, two weeks before the first vaccination. We used Melbimax, as the pill is small, and the baby’s appetite is good, he ate the pill and did not notice).

It turned out that our MOSY is very afraid of vaccinations, he squeaked very loudly. We were also told that we should clip his nails (even at such an early age) and trim 1/3 of his ears to make them «stand up». After the hair was trimmed from the ears, a week later we had one ear up, and later the other.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

After vaccination, the first few days, the puppy was less mobile than before, mostly sleeping — we were told that this is normal. After 2 weeks we went for the next vaccination. On seeing the breeder Mosha was shaking very badly, it was even obvious, like an aspen leaf. After the vaccination, I went to the table to pick him up, and he seemed to fly into my arms. And apparently he was very nervous, on the way back unpleasant incident happened — in a cab he threw up right on the seat, nothing to do, paid for dry cleaning. After this incident, I realized that it is better to go to the veterinary clinic, which is not far from home. And all my next vaccinations and treatments for my pet’s health were at the vet. Vet clinic is public, the prices for examinations, injections, surgeries, etc. are democratic, but the attitude of veterinarians to animals is very good: always called by name, talk to the animals, and always sincerely try to help.

Until all the necessary vaccinations are done, walking outside is strictly forbidden. During this time we learned three commands: sit, lie down and give me your paw. It took us several hours to learn one command. And within a few days we were fixing it, and then we began to learn the next command.

After all the mandatory vaccinations and with the permission of the vet, we went for our first walk. From the beginning we walked near the porch, eventually we started walking all over the yard and around the neighborhood. We walked five times a day. Since my mom is a retired lady and it was good for her to spend more time outdoors. During the first week of walks MOSY stopped going to the diaper and went to the bathroom only outside. Over time, our walks were reduced to three times a day.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

Mom found new acquaintances who also walked dogs. Many people paid attention to our boy, everyone wanted to pet him. All the yard kids knew him and adored him, and he adored them back.

Wool Features

The Yorkshire Terrier is a long-haired dog breed that has no undercoat, which means they hardly ever shed. The hair is similar to human hair, it grows constantly and very rarely falls out (only when brushed or damaged), so the apartment will be clean. Due to the structure of their fur, Yorkies do not cause allergies like other animals. Since we bought the dog without a pedigree and did not participate in shows, we cut his hair completely in the summer, and during the cold season we only did a hygienic haircut.

Dogs get cold in winter and can’t stand low temperatures, so I bought a lot of warm clothes for winter: overalls, jackets and vests. In winter we walked not far from the house, when he got cold he always asked to be held and we walked home.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

Over time, the yorkie’s teeth changed from milk teeth to molars, but not all of them. At one year old, we had five canines. When we went to the vet, we had to have the milk canine removed. All went well.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

There was no one indifferent to my Mosé, passersby smiled at him, and children ran up to him to play. He didn’t bite at all, though some might pull his fur. Although there were those who said that small dogs are not dogs at all and that they can not be considered a dog. Of course, our baby is not just a dog, he is part of our big family.

Our Mosya with a very good character, very loving his family, loyal, very brave, lively, active, inquisitive and strongly loved to play with the ball. He liked to sleep on the bed, but could not climb down from the bed himself, because of his small stature, we had to constantly take him down and lift him up. Very loving, demanded all members of our family to make contact caresses, to pet or scratch, or at least lie down to hurt someone. Liked to sit on our arms and hands, for instance, when we were all watching television he always climbed up on our laps. He was not aggressive toward anyone.


Everything you need to know about Yorkshire Terriers and more:) Grooming and grooming tips. Lots of text, photos and very detailed descriptions from my own experience.

Hello! Today I decided to tell you about such a charming dog breed such as the Yorkshire Terrier, although the review certainly did not prepare a day 😉 The fact that I put these dogs five stars does not mean that I will praise the breed, but I think that the breed as a whole can not be evaluated by the number of stars, as well as each dog individually! After all, they are quite individual and some people may fit and like them, and some people do not like them at all. But also, of course, a lot depends on the upbringing:) But I will still try to reveal all the features of the content and character of these dogs as much as possible.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

In addition to the fact that I have been enjoying my beloved Eva for 6 years, I also for about two years engaged in grooming (haircutting dogs), so that I communicate with yorkies and their owners quite often. In addition, my dog also inspired me to go to courses of dog breeding, the truth is that because of the studies I could not fully complete them, but still gathered a lot of interesting things, which I am happy to share!

I will begin by telling you about my beloved Eva, who came to me about six years ago. And also about what you should pay attention to if you decided to get a yorkie.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

If you are going to get such a miracle as a yorkie puppy, I recommend to look at his parents to make sure that they are exactly as you would like to see your future dog as an adult, because puppies are always cute, and may grow something unexpected. If you want to have a pedigree dog, be sure to look at his pedigree and not too lazy to look for a good kennel, read reviews, go to shows. Well, you’ll love the dog, because it’s yours, but if you really pay a lot of money — then only for a healthy and beautiful puppy.

For those who say they take the dog «for yourself», but buy it in the first ad «on the cheap» — check at least the availability of timely vaccinations and veterinary certificate in the puppy. This is very important, because it gives some assurance on the health of the dog. Do not pay money to people who keep a lot of dogs in cages, without any vaccinations and proper nutrition, and even more so in unsanitary conditions. These dogs get sick all the time and the chances are their new-born puppy will die of a virus in his first weeks in his new home, since most of the diseases have an incubation period of about three weeks. If everything looks good and the breeder seems decent, don’t be lazy to ask him lots of questions about the dog, a good breeder will always be happy to answer any questions, as well as leave his phone number and give detailed advice about nutrition, etc.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

Well, now it’s definitely about Eva:) I was terribly lucky, because by happy coincidence the dog was given to me by the friends of my parents! At that time they had three beautiful Yorkies, one of them was pregnant, and the puppy was promised to me! I was over the moon, because all my life I had dreamed about a dog, but a big one:) But now I realize all the advantages of such a compact size dog, but more about that later:) In general, at that time I knew nothing about the standard of the breed, nor about the characteristics of haircuts, feeding and housing of these dogs. But I had a lot of experience in training my grandmother’s poodle, who still gives us all kinds of tricks like somersaults and, of course, love for dogs:) We got a puppy at two months, a week after the first vaccination, the vet did the second one at our house.

As my yorkie was growing up I also realized that the dog grows small and cute, as I often heard about it from people on the street. And when in the city began to appear yorkies of different colors and sizes, I myself began to pay attention that Yorkshires can be very different. I later learned from the owners of my Eva’s parents that her mother was from a kennel in Kiev and her father was brought from America.
But with the appearance of the dog many questions began to arise, and the answers to many of them I had to find on my own through trial and error.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire for a walk
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire for a walk


Before coming to my house, in addition to her mother’s milk, Eva was fed dry puppy food for small breeds Royal Canin and low-fat cottage cheese. This is the diet we were recommended to feed the puppy for the first time. And this is of course good advice, because the dog is already stressed by the move, and to create even more excitement to his body by changing the food that he had eaten all his life, no need. And then about a month later you can make adjustments to the diet, for example if you prefer to feed your dog natural food in the future — you can gradually start to introduce natural products, gradually replace them with a meal and eventually completely convert the dog to «natural food». A natural yorkie’s diet should consist of lean meat, mostly beef, as well as raw and cooked vegetables. These are mainly carrots, beets and zucchini, and dogs are usually given cereals. Of meat, they can eat turkey, chicken (if they are not allergic), but under no circumstances pork. Of cereals, buckwheat, rice and some others are usually offered, but oatmeal is not recommended. The dogs can have many vegetables, but the introduction of new ones should be careful and a little bit at a time. Under no circumstances dogs, especially yorkies, can not have onions, garlic, avocados, chocolate and other sweets, fatty, fried, smoked, sausages, persimmons, grapes, nuts, as well as bones, especially chicken!

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

We decided to continue to feed Eva with dry food, since there was no possibility to cook her separately, and the vets then actively recommended the food. However, from Royal we first switched to Hills, we were advised it as less greasy. Of course, we had quite a few errors in the diet, as we often left the dog to grandmother, who can not fail to feed the poor hungry dog meat with pasta, and at least a lot, and if possible also give a cookie. And no telling what to mix natural food and dry food does not work on her, it’s grandma. But now we almost never take Eva there, the only way to solve this problem. And a couple of times she grabbed some muck in the street, but it was enough to earn problems with the stomach, though nothing particularly serious happened a day or two dog woke up without shots and drops. But still Yorkies have a rather sensitive digestion.

That’s why if you feed your dog dry food — kasha with meat at the same time to give it is not desirable, many veterinarians forbid it. But at the same time some doctors are quite loyal to such a diet. And I can tell you that 80 percent of the dogs I’m handling are on a mixed diet. But at the same time most of them have some kind of digestive problem, overweight, occasional stomach upsets, and so on. So it’s up to the owner to decide.

My dog has now been on Acana dry food for over 4 years. We have decided on Acana Grasslend, but Acana with lamb and apple was also good for us, but Acana for small breeds made my eyes water. Why Acana? I noticed this food when it was a novelty in Ukraine and the consultant at the pet store endlessly praised it. But that was not decisive, after reading the composition of Akana and comparing it with Hilsa, I realized that I previously fed the dog corn and meat meal, because the composition of these two foods were simply incomparable. Although the price of Acana is several times higher, and in general, it is one of the most expensive foods on the market, to feed a yorkie with it is quite allowed. We buy a 13 kg bag and the dog has enough for 9 months. The food is freely available to her.

That said, I can’t guarantee that Akana will work for everyone. It is a food for active dogs and it is very high in protein, which is not suitable for every yorkie. Also often transferring dogs to a new food is harmful and should be done gradually, so you can’t try all the foods in the world on your dog, so stop at the one that your dog has no problem with. It’s also worth noting that Eva eats dry food with reluctance, often even with a miserable look, but for a piece of something natural is ready to sell his soul:) But she’s in good condition, her hair and teeth are fine, she’s reasonably well-fed and active, so I don’t see the point in letting her down.

As for treats. Eva loves vegetables, she loves pumpkin and carrot as much as she can, also loves apples, beet (I rarely refuse her some vegetables), and everything except food she wipes off in a second, but no SNOW. Also sometimes I give her soft cottage cheese, little pieces of cheese as a bonus, sometimes some meat. I rarely buy store-bought goodies, because it’s not so easy to find natural and high-quality ones.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire for a walk
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire for a walk

Toilet stuff

Initially Eva was not really accustomed to the diaper, so I had to do it. The first time the dog lived only in my room, which made it much easier to accustom him to the toilet, as well as to the «place», being alone, order and much more. I laid diapers almost all over the room and gradually removed them, leaving one in the corner. Eva learned to walk on one diaper at about 5 or 6 months. By this time she had also learned how to do things outside and would do them only there, if I had the opportunity to take her out three times a day. But we walk two times, we don’t go out only if it’s raining heavily outside, so the dog sometimes uses the diaper.

But many yorkies go to the bathroom only outside, especially boys, because some of them like to tag at home, which causes a lot of problems to the owners. But walking outside solves this problem.
Some owners, on the other hand, do not walk their dogs at all. Personally, I’m very much against this approach, because what kind of life is it, within four walls? Dogs, like children, need to move, socialize with others, sniff, breathe fresh air, run around on the grass. And it’s cruel to deprive them of all that.

Grooming and grooming

Yorkies have an amazing hair, it resembles human hair, does not cause allergies, does not shed, and grows fast. On the one hand it is a huge plus, you can experiment with haircuts, not to worry about your clothes and upholstered furniture, and do not suffer from allergies. The minus is that the dog gets cold in winter due to the lack of undercoat, as well as the hair must be regularly trimmed for hygienic reasons. But really, it’s only pretty complicated if you’re raising a show dog and you need a gorgeous floor coat. In that case, the dog’s hair is collected in curlers, with oils and other products usually applied beforehand to improve the quality of the coat. About once a week, the hairpins are removed, the dog is bathed, brushed, and the procedure is repeated. All this helps to show the dog at the show in the best possible way. In any case, the dog is given a hygienic haircut, about which I will write a little bit below.

If the dog is not exhibiting, but the owner wants to grow a long coat, in that case the dog needs to pick up a suitable shampoo and conditioner and brush it once or twice a day to prevent the hair from getting tangled.

And the easiest way out is a haircut. A short haircut is important even in the winter, because hair of any length will not save a yorkie from the winter cold, the overalls will have to be worn on the street in any case.

My Eva is in a permanent haircut, so I brush her as often as I bathe her — once a week or a week and a half. Except that the top note (the ponytail on her head) I redo it as it becomes disheveled.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

Hygienic haircut

A hygienic haircut is a must and it is quite easy, I think every yorkie owner can do it himself. Personally, I never went to a groomer for it, even when I didn’t know how to cut a yorkie at all. Let’s start with the head. The standard is for yorkies to have triangular protruding ears, a third of which should be shaved short. It may not seem like it has anything to do with hygiene, but it is still an important procedure, as the ears can «fall» under the weight of the hair and your yorkie will become lop-eared. This is especially true for puppies, a baby won’t have their ears up if they are very hairy. Even if you don’t have a dog clipper, scissors can do the job quite well. Grasp the ear firmly with your fingers, grip the edge of the ear to avoid cutting the dog, and cut the hair along the contour, leaving the tip of the ear triangular. If the dog jerks and pulls away, it is better to ask someone to help and hold the dog in order not to traumatize it. It is advisable to trim the hair from one third of the ear, moving from the base of the ear to the tip. Many owners do it with a razor, which is also possible. It is also important to keep the hair out of the dog’s eyes, so on the head, yorkies usually do a top note. In some haircuts, the hair on the head is shortened as much as possible and no ponytails are necessary.

It is equally important to regularly trim the hair around the dog’s anus in order to prevent the dog’s poop from sticking to the hair. Strangely, some yorkie owners are embarrassed by the sight of their dog’s behind after such procedures, but the sight of poop on the hair is not Smile But this procedure is really important and neglecting it can cause a lot of discomfort and problems for both dog and you, such as poop on the pillow in the morning. Excess hair on your dog’s privates should also be trimmed.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

It is equally important to regularly trim the hair around the dog’s anus in order to prevent the dog’s poop from sticking to the hair. Strangely, some yorkie owners are embarrassed by the sight of their dog’s behind after such procedures, but the sight of poop on the hair is not Smile But this procedure is really important and neglecting it can cause a lot of discomfort and problems for both dog and you, such as poop on the pillow in the morning. Excess hair on your dog’s privates should also be trimmed.

Character and Training

Yorkies are small dogs, but many of them do not realize it! Some are ready to rush into battle with a large dog and try to protect the owner (from the vacuum cleaner for example:)). But then there are the cowardly ones. But for the most part they are balanced and active dogs, especially if they are socialized and handled in time. For example, my Eva is ready to run around all day and run after sticks and toys, always contact people easily, but she doesn’t like strangers, especially male dogs. With walks there are no problems, even with long walks, she is indefatigable, in the warm season she is ready to walk the whole day. But when she come home of course she will go to sleep:). There is no special cowardice in her, she does not treat loud noises, strangers and children adequately. Even fireworks don’t scare her. She also has no problems riding the subway or taking long rides in the car or any other form of transportation. She does not like to swim, but is ready to swim for a stick, though not very far away:) The only thing that really scares her is strange big dogs, but if the other dog is kind and not too initiative, with time Eva gets used to them and is quite normal with them. But on the street Eva never runs to another dog, and in general does not run away, so in the yards, parks and even along roads I walk with her without a leash. I only use the leash when walking in very crowded places or when the dog is in heat.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire for a walk

A little bit about training and socialization

In the first month of staying at my house Eva learned the command «sit» and «lie down» and «to me», and later also «voice», «give me paw», «circle», «fetch» and so on. Training a yorkie is easy and fun, all you need is a piece of treats and patience. Training is not just fun, it’s also a very important part of your relationship with your dog. He’ll learn to listen to you and understand what you’re trying to do, and moreover he’ll have to wrack his brains to understand what you’re trying to get from him. And this is not unimportant, because few people like dumb and disobedient dogs, and training develops the intellect well:)

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire and cat

You must socialize the puppy if you don’t want him to grow up to be a coward. And this should be done from the age of two or three months, which is when puppies begin their «fear phase». If you don’t introduce him to other dogs, walks, subway rides, and children before he’s about three-and-a-half to four months old then he’ll have more trouble adjusting to all of this. What’s more, taking a one year old and unlearned dog on the subway with you, you can only expect him to panic. So it is better to train yorkies to everything from childhood and then their behavior will only make you happy!


There were puppies in Eva’s life as well 🙂 I didn’t originally intend to breed my dog, but one not very experienced vet told me that this way you can get rid of so-called «false pregnancies». This doesn’t happen very often in yorkies, but it does happen. Two months after the heat, the dog would start having strange behavior and lactation, even though she wasn’t pregnant at all. Most of all we were worried about lactation, because the milk provoked mastitis, which can cause breast cancer. And out of inexperience we decided to lactate the dog, although the only way to deal with false pregnancies was sterilization. I was also worried about Eva’s rather small weight, 2.3 kg, at that weight it is rather risky for a dog to give birth. But the doctors said that our dog has a good bone structure and a good pelvis to produce offspring

It all started with the selection of a partner. I went to the cattery where my good friend had taken her yorkie, and they offered me a choice of several males. We settled on a boy with a type very similar to Eva. We knit her about 11 days of heat, and then again. The mating cost about $150. I forgot to tell you that yorkies usually have heat twice a year and do not really cause any inconvenience to the owners.

During the pregnancy, which lasted 62 days, nothing much happened except that I switched my dog to puppy food and periodically gave vitamins.

But the birth was a huge event, in the middle of the night I had to call the vet, because I wanted to make sure that everything goes well, as yorkies often have big problems during childbirth. Eva gave birth okay, the vet helped her a little but overall she did well on her own. As a result, one puppy was born, a boy. The second puppy, unfortunately, was born a little underdeveloped and did not survive. The delivery cost us about 800 hryvnias.

But the birth was not over yet! The puppy didn’t want to suckle his own milk, and the mother was nervous and running around in circles. The nights turned into a kind of chaos and endless calls to the vets. Everyone was not sleepy, because we were on duty near the nest with the puppy my dad and I took turns and slept right beside him. On top of that, every 2-3 hours I got up and helped the puppy eat. Fortunately, the scariest first week was over, the puppy grew up and could do without around the clock supervision.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire - review

The baby got accustomed to the diaper without any problems, and at two and a half months he was taken by my godmother. Unfortunately I see him very rarely, but he grew up quite nice, though not at all like Eva:)

But the motherhood of Eva did not end there. After a while I learned that the kennel where I bred Eva, is a rather unsafe kennel and puppies bought there often die of heart problems, because the breeder is chasing unnaturally small fancy size dogs and does not think about their health. So I decided that this could also be the cause of one puppy’s death.

No one else in my family wanted to do the puppy raising and we refused the many times both friends and strangers asked us to sell them puppies.

But a year and a half later one day something occurred to me, I still don’t know what came over me at the time and I decided to «make the housemates happy» with the news that I was going to breed Eva again. Then I consulted with lots of yorkie owners, found Kiev cattery with good reviews and beautiful dogs, grabbed the dog and went to «marry her off». By that time the dollar had risen, but the mating still cost about $150.

But this time I was wiser and chose the father not only by his looks, but also by his many healthy and beautiful offspring. And I was not mistaken, we had three adorable puppies — two girls and a boy:) Moreover, they ate well on their own and Eva was a much more diligent mother the second time. In spite of that, there was a lot of fuss with them and we spent quite a lot of money on them. And there were even more puddles and sleep deprivation nights:)

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire

By the age of three months, the puppies have found their families, they all live with our friends or friends of our friends. I was very pleased with this litter, all the puppies have grown cute and no bigger than Eva, and the girls are even smaller than her.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire

So, to sum up, if you want to breed your yorkie girl — it is better to take it seriously and think a hundred times, as it is a big risk for such a small dog, both for its health and for life. It is a myth that you have to breed a dog «for health», it does not add to the dog’s health, it only takes away from it. If the dog has no breeding value — you should not breed it either, but that is, of course, everyone’s business. In addition, it does not bring a lot of money, and sometimes it does not bring any income. After all, mating, childbirth, vaccinations, an enclosure for puppies, a bunch of disposable diapers, food and much more costs a lot of money.

Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkshire

The same can be said for male owners, there is no need for the dog to mate, so only worthy representatives of the breed should be unleashed that will always be in demand with the owners of bitches. A single mating can only spoil the character and behavior of the pet, he will begin to run after females and become more aggressive to other dogs (not necessarily, but often happens).

Bottom line

And so, what in the end I can say about the pros of the breed Yorkshire Terrier. First of all it is a compact dog, which can always be with you, as in travel and in transport, stores and many other places where access to larger dogs is closed. Secondly, the dogs of this breed (most of them) have not lost qualities of terriers and are active, cheerful, sociable and playful dogs, with excellent protective qualities, which is a sin to lock up for life in an apartment or put in a cage. Dogs of this breed do not shed or cause allergies (if allergic to dogs’ fur), which is a huge advantage for many owners. Also want to add that dogs of this breed almost all their life remain active and similar to puppies, as well as live an average of about 15 years, which exceeds the average life expectancy of most breeds of dogs.

But this dog will not suit people who are not going to take care of its fur and regularly trim it, as well as people who are breeding a dog for a child and are not going to teach him how to carefully handle a small and fragile animal. In addition, these dogs should not be fed with food «from the table», so if you have nowhere to dispose of leftovers — buy a trash can, because the Yorkie won’t last long on such food.

So if you’re looking for a love-filled little friend and you don’t want to spend hours out in the cold or the rain, a Yorkshire Terrier is a perfect choice. You just need to surround him with the right care, to which he will respond in a jiffy, giving a lot of positive emotions and joy!

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
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Yorkshire Terrier virtues and not

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  • No shedding
  • Cheerful
  • Communicative
  • Compact
  • Small
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Does not require long walks
  • Loves owners very much
  • Loyal
  • Very positive
  • Smart
  • Coat does not smell
  • Sometimes likes to bark
  • Not a good pet for children
  • Must carefully monitor the dog's diet
  • Very sensitive digestion
  • Requires careful handling
  • Requires regular haircuts


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