Maine Coon — review

Maine Coon - review

❤ These big bobcat cats won’t leave anyone indifferent! Character, habits, food, care.😻 How cats differ from cats $What it costs to keep them. Who this breed will suit!

Hi all! ❤

I will not write about the origin of Maine Coons, it has already been written many times, I will only say that if anyone has a Coon, he will never trade his love for this breed for any other!

Maine Coon Review
Maine Coon Review

This is the most beautiful bobcat in miniature!!!

Maine Coons are characterized by large size, elongated body, beautiful like lynx tassels on their ears, «box» and long whiskers, tufts between the legs, a chic tail (the pride of Maine Coons), «patented» look «furtively», they are full of dignity and very smart!

But still, cats and cats (just like men and women) are different beings by character: cats are more intelligent, clean, independent;

Cats are lazy, woolly, good-natured.

❤This review is full of love and dedicated to our beautiful Maine Coon Mayoke Kari!

Maine Coon Review
Maine Coon Review

As it happened, we got a kitten at 2 months, a month earlier than recommended. I had already completed the vaccinations myself. At home, kittens are accustomed to the litter box, scratching post, behavior, and when fed milk from their mother cat, they develop immunity.

We signed a contract, and by the time we left, the breeder brought us Mayoka with a native toy and a diaper, smelling of her mother and home.

Here she is 2 months old and just arrived at her new home:

We purchased in advance the most necessary things a Coon should have.

  1. 🚽 Litter box, scoop and filler.

✔ The litter box was a big one, not a litter box. Even now, four years later, it is faithfully serving the cat.

Not once, in all her life, our cat did not go not in the litter box. Even if my older daughter forgot to clean it (when I was pregnant, it was unconditionally on her). We happened to have a kitten and then we had a baby!!!! Even when she was spayed, she was barely alive and staggering to the litter box.
✔ The scoop should be bigger, wider, with small slits. We changed three scoops.

✔ filler to his liking, but I do not recommend wood filler. The first time it is better to buy the filler, which was in the breeder’s house.

In our case it was lumpy Kitty from «Pyaterochka». I still buy it. Its disadvantage — small granules around the litter box. The advantage — the price — about $3.
The best, in my opinion — silicone, like Cristal. I like it better because there is no dirt all over the corridor, but it’s quite expensive and a lot of rustling. You can hear everything at night.


You can’t feed this breed anything or food from your table. Nothing salty and sweet and spicy. Here you need to decide what to feed: natural food or dry food. There is also the option of mixed feeding, but veterinarians do not recommend it.

✔ If dry food, then only premium, and even better holistic. I feed only holistic Akana. The pluses of this food — in complete balance and safety of all components, minus — the high price. But the hair on it is great!

✔ If natural food — re-frozen (at least 7 days) meat (sometimes boiled), rarely poultry, «kuna porridge», quail eggs, can be quality baby meat food like «Tema» (it has more meat), kefir, ryazhenka, cat grass, water.

✔ Mixed meals (natural food + dry food). This is our option up to 1.5 years old. Meat (beef, veal, rabbit, turkey, chicken cleaned re-frozen stomachs (very useful), rarely chicken, hearts. Twice a week — quail eggs, ryazhenka, and for dessert cottage cheese Agusha, grass. Kefir was refused. During the day — Acana, water.

Maine Coon
Maine Coon

After 1.5 years: acana, water, grass, Leonardo or Animonda pate (sometimes the above). With a toddler there is no time for «kunny porridge»!

So, first I bought the food which Mayoka was fed at home. It was Royal Canin — in my opinion, not a very good decision. The breeder’s supply was made in France — Royl is good from there, but I could not find the food of the French manufacturer. So I immediately began to transfer to the Canadian holistic Acana. This food I still buy. He was perfect!


It should be big and massive, the cat is growing very fast, and the scratcher for regular cats risk to be constantly turned upside down paw. I ordered it in Siberia. With delivery it cost me a little over $200.

As soon as Mayoka saw it she started sharpening her claws on it.

Maine Coon - review

Sometimes, as a kitten, she would try to scoop up the couch, but I put orange essential oil on it and she never had the urge again. Coons don’t like citrus fruits.)


All sorts of balloons, mice, tonelli with balls, wiggles, bows, laser pointers.

The most favorite toy — was this wiggle with feathers.

Maine Coon - review

He also likes laser pointers and jingle balls)).

Malt-paste and vitamins

Malt-paste is necessary to remove swallowed wool from the stomach. I always took German Beaphar.

Vitamins I gave up to 1.5 years — Polidex. You can buy individually, I took a complex. They are needed in the period of active growth of the kitten.

Acana has all the necessary vitamins, so I give them less often now, only during the seasonal molting.

In general, the kitten grows up to 3 years, and then only molts))).

Growth stops at the age of three, and the final formation of the body ends at 4 — 5 years of life.

Claw comb, combs and furminator

✔ I bought a claw comb with a limiter.

Maine Coon - review

Easy to use, but when trimming, my husband holds Mayoka tightly, I trim my claws. I can’t do it alone. If you don’t like something, you can get hurt.
If you inadvertently offend a kun, he will paw or bite you. Nevertheless, they are measured in their strength. Our Majoka has never hurt the baby. Although we could already get a paw for the same actions).
✔ Coon needs to be scratched periodically. If you do not, you can get tangles. Mayoka had some, but I gently untangled them and cut them off.

The coat shows how healthy the cat is. If something is wrong, it’s a vitamin B and E deficiency (usually the wrong food).

We now comb Mayoka’s hair 2 times a week, as far as we can, choose a time when the lamb is sleeping or lounging. There is no other way (and we’ve been accustomed to it since we were young!!!).

Maine Coon - review
Maine Coon - review

We have two combs.
She loves this one, if you scratch her favorite places:
But the great one on the right in the bottom photo is not a fan of this one. It’s exactly the one that is great for combing out undercoat and excess hair during moulting:

Furminator is extremely useful during shedding, but I did not buy one.


Needed for transportation: to the vet, to the country house, when moving. I took a big plastic one. It closes the lattice (I didn’t get it, I put it away).

Maine Coon - review

In general, «burrow» and «mountain» are extremely important for a coon. The carrier is apparently the burrow, but the mountain is indifferent to it now. She used to like shelves, cupboards, everything high))
Mayoka doesn’t have a permanent place. She can sleep with us, maybe with her daughter, in her son’s crib, separately on the couch or on the floor, in a carrier.
Never goes to her face, likes a detached space.

CHARACTER of Maine Coon (by the example of Mayoka)

✔ Loves company and cannot bear solitude. No matter where I (her daughter, husband, son) are, she will always be with me, the only exception is sleeping, but she will nestle into a room with her family.
✔ She does not like to hold hands or sit on my lap, only next to me.

Maine Coon - review

Cats, on the other hand, are more loyal in this matter)))
✔ Absolutely no aggression (as long as it is a purebred Maine Coon, not a crossbreed). But if you accidentally offend Mayoka — meaning to do something she does not like)) — she will defend herself.

She rakes the water with her paw before drinking. She’s not afraid of water. We didn’t bathe her. But it is advised to bathe this breed once every six months. We have a fully domesticated Mayoka and she never goes out of the apartment beyond the loggia.
✔ Loves toys. She bounces, flips in the air, chases balls around the apartment, runs around. She used to have an hour of games at night, but now she sleeps at night))) And even if she wakes up early, she waits until we get up!

She is very respectful of Mahalochka, talks to her at night, brings her to play, and when she catches her, she carries her in her teeth to hide her «prey»).

✔ She does not meow, she cooers, purrs. Likes to watch the birds outside the window. These are the moments when our beauty’s talents are shown in all their glory!!!
Full of dignity. If she wants a piece of meat, she looks intently and deeply into the eyes, and gently touches her leg with her paw, or whatever comes nearer to your paw. Like, share!
Very smart, remember intonation. When asked «Do you love me?» immediately cooing! I take it as a «Yes» because it looks me in the eyes))
If you say «no» a few times, he will not do it again. In general, Majoka is very sensitive to our mood, and if she is scolded (and it happens), then worries, comes over, becomes super affectionate — makes up for it. She’s usually on her own!!!

✔ She likes coolness, draughts and cannot stand the heat.

✔ Loves to be praised and told how smart and beautiful she is!

✔ If you make the bed, she’s right there. It’s her favorite thing to do!

Maine Coon - review

✔ She hates the vacuum cleaner. She is afraid of it because of the noise. She immediately retreats to somewhere far away.
✔ And in general she is a very sensitive little coward!

☀ What kind of health problems can there be☀

The most vulnerable organ in the body of Maine cats is the heart. They are genetically predisposed to disorders of heart muscle function — cardiomyopathy.
Also Maine Coons are predisposed to the development of urolithiasis and joint development disorders — hip dysplasia.


❤It’s perfect for families with children!

We adore our Mayoka! For me there is no better breed of cat!

Maine Coon
Maine Coon

❤This is an insanely beautiful and devoted, affectionate, tactful, friendly, understanding, intelligent cat girl, such a kuno baby !!!
❤I’m so glad we have her — our favorite playful sunshine!!!
❤I only recommend getting a puppy if you are willing to take care of her as your own child and not save money on her!!!

9.2Expert Score
Maine Coon — Review

Breed 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 shining stars!!! ❤ Thank you for your attention!

  • Kind and affectionate
  • Friendly
  • Very nice breed
  • Best cat breed
  • Smart, tactful
  • Suffer without communication
  • Require good and expensive food
  • Hair everywhere

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