Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — reviews

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - reviews

A cavalier who wins hearts with one look

Hi all🌿

I will probably start my very first review with the most beautiful acquisition of my life.
Two years ago, a little miracle came into our home. He was the smallest, quietest, calmest puppy the breeder ever had. I will never forget those big, dark eyes that dipped down confusedly as he was examined.
゜・✧ . 。♡ ・゜゜・✧ . 。♡ ・゜゜・✧ . 。♡ ・゜゜・✧ . 。♡ ・゜゜・✧ . 。♡ ・゜
Even at home, this little guy looked a little confused, but for some reason, he immediately asked to sleep in the arms of his owners)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - reviews

It’s a pity there aren’t many pictures left from that time.

Handsome boy grew up, and with him — his contradictory character. Instead of shyness came cheeky gluttony, constantly begging for something tasty and yapping loudly if this «delicious» is not given to him.
Of course, human food can be very bad for his health. We knew it right away, but, based on the list of allowed foods for cavaliers, sometimes we pampered our pet with some of them. (Sometimes we got some unpleasant surprises. Everything is individual…)
Fortunately the doggy stayed healthy and got away quickly and easily thanks to a wonderful tool — ENTEROSGEL. We smeared it on the palate and then gave it to drink water. Usually it got better by the evening. Rice water was also quite good.

I hope this helps someone.
゜・✧ . 。♡ ・゜゜・✧ . 。♡ ・゜゜・✧ . 。♡ ・゜゜・✧ . 。♡ ・゜゜・✧ . 。♡ ・
Now it’s worth telling more about care and maintenance.


Perhaps one of the most important points: As stated earlier, he is inconsistent. Undoubtedly, Cavalier is insanely gentle, affectionate, tactile and kind dog, but it is necessary to see the image and God forbid to hear the dog barking on TV — defender mode is activated. The cute lump that a second ago was lying next to you sweetly snoozing, begins to bark menacingly, trying to protect his owner. The same reaction to calls, but only when someone is home) And training is just great. Many commands we learned in just two days, almost without straining))))

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - reviews
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — reviews
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on a walk

I don’t know about the rest of us, but our pet has quickly and successfully integrated into our routine, given that we walk regularly, but without excess. The good thing is that he, like his owners, likes to sleep. He is perfect for that. Like a cat, he can sleep all day long, waking up only to eat and go for a walk. It comes in handy when you want to have a rest after work/training. Faithful friend does not disturb you, and understandably lies next to you and sniffles, warming your body and silky fur.
He gets on well with other dogs and children, but fears adults.
There is also a big problem with affection. Sure, it’s nice when your favorite dog always wants to be near, but my heart is breaking when I have to leave one fluffy at home, and he starts whining in the back (and only on weekends))) on weekdays, he is perfectly calm. amazing cleverness)


We have never had any problems with hair loss, teeth and other things. Our eyes sometimes bleed, but the pharmacy and very cheap Levomecitin is a great way to deal with this problem. About his food I wrote above. Human food should be given much less often (although he will never stop begging))). The first year of his life he was eating only dry food, and now we have switched to a good canned meat. It is better not to save money on food.

Perhaps to summarize

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is perfect for homebodies and those who want a quiet, tactile and sociable dog. He won’t leave you alone, but he won’t get in the way of things. He just needs to lie next to you and see his beloved owner nearby.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on a walk
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — reviews

An excellent ornamental breed, the best friend for children and games

This is my second dog of this breed.

First of all I want to say that it is good that the breed is «unfashionable», it means that uncontrolled breeding is kept to a minimum.

This is a British breed of dog, despite the fact that it is a spaniel no hunting qualities in these dogs do not — it is the most decorative dog, relating to the 9 group.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - reviews

The history of these dogs is very old. Legend has it that British Freylins and queens kept these dogs and often took them under their long skirts to keep their legs warm. King Charles of Britain was fond of this breed and it was very popular at his court, which is where the name of the modern breed King Cavalier Charles Spaniel comes from.

There are the following kinds of colors:

  • Blenheim (the most common) white and cinnamon.
  • tricolor white-black-red
  • bruby bright red
  • black

Despite the fact that these dogs are considered small size I have seen quite large British-bred dogs.

Life expectancy of this breed is short: 10-13 years, which for me is a significant disadvantage.

The character of these dogs is very playful and affectionate, they are great babysitters and lively toys for children.

Despite the fact that the author of the previous review writes that it is difficult to train a breed, I absolutely do not agree with this statement. The dog easily and quickly learns the easy commands: for example sit, lie down, come, bring the ball. The first dog gave the paw; the second dog at an early age was not taught this command, and at the age of 4 he didn’t want to learn it. Since this is a decorative breed, I didn’t learn more complicated commands with the dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - reviews
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - reviews

Another plus of this breed is that they are not barking dogs, like yorkies, for example. The first dog barked when he was very happy, for example, when the owner came home or when he wanted to play or when he asked for a snack. The second dog never barked at all until he was 1’5 years old and I thought he was mute. But it turned out that she was not, although she probably barked only 7 times in her 5 years.

Dogs of this breed like very much long walks and even like to run, though they don’t do it very often, especially if the house is mostly a couch life.

The attitude towards water depends on the dog. The first loved water and I often took him to bathe at the sea, the second does not like no water itself nor washing, although the washing itself is still tolerated, but to dry with a hair dryer is afraid.

In the food particularly fastidious, they eat the usual dry food for small breeds, but also like human food. My dogs especially liked ham and cheese as a treat or encouragement.

Of the breed disadvantages, I would like to point out that these dogs are not the healthiest: eye problems, heart murmurs, and ear problems like all lop-eared breeds.

The coat of these dogs is soft, silky, slightly wavy, but not curly.

Since these dogs are considered rare the cost for a puppy is quite high from $600.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a kind gentle quiet dog to play with you and your children then feel free to buy a dog of this breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on a walk
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on a walk

The best dog, but only when he doesn’t snore

My whole life with my parents, we had dogs. I love dogs and cannot imagine life without them. When we had our own family, we were hesitant to get a dog for a long time. But I kept looking at the gentlemen. And then the apartment conditions got bigger and a friend, knowing my passion, said:

go choose! 🐶 This is my present for your birthday! 🎁

The choice fell on a tricolor boy.

We took the baby from the breeders from good parents, with papers. But we decided right away that we would not breed him. We take him for the soul.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

He got used to us quickly. At first he did his wet things on the diaper, then there were misfires on the floor. But he soon became accustomed to the street and we safely passed this period. He did not touch the furniture. He did not chew anything. He tried to try to taste the corner of concrete wall, but we told him quickly that he would do the repairing himself😂 He understood everything and practically apologized😂
We feed straight food. At first we tried to feed him food. But he categorically refused. We bought all kinds, including expensive ones. He did not like any of them🤨.

Well, and of course he is «eternally hungry». No matter what you eat, he will definitely sit next to you and mentally share your meal. Well, if something is very bad…well, you have been warned in general…🤣🤣

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - reviews
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - reviews

He adores his children. My youngest is ready to lick him to death. Friendly with other dogs. But he recognizes his breed from a thousand! He is very happy when we meet the gentlemen.
He meets me at work as if I had not been there for a week.
He likes to be in the know about everything. If I clean the closet and take out a pile of things, he will lay down right on this pile😂 When the pile is sorted out into neat stacks he just needs to lock himself on top, which is extremely infuriating😤

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - reviews

He has hair, but I wouldn’t say he has a lot of it. Like any dog, he needs to be combed out. I had an American cocker spaniel, but he had 10 times more hair.

And now for the honeydew… He snores! No… he snores!!!!!! Like a grown-up, healthy man! Friends couldn’t believe it until one day he snored under the holiday table😆 They say it’s a characteristic of the breed. It is possible to do surgery, but we are not ready for such an ordeal for our baby. Already got used to it in 3 years😅

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

And in general the breed is wonderful! For a family with children, for single people it is the best friend❤️

9.6Expert Score
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The best dog, but only when he doesn’t snore

  • Beautiful
  • Gets along with pets
  • Loves kids
  • Will not bite or attack people
  • Relatively easy care and maintenance
  • Very kind and affectionate
  • Very gentle and affectionate
  • Rare breed
  • Smart
  • Snores loudly
  • Licks you to death


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